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SANLIDA international health-care products Co., Ltd. HK

HK SANLIDA International Healthcare Products Company,Ltd. Aims at introducing to the whole world traditional Chinese medicinal herbal healthcare products that have been shown by thousands of years of practice to be highly reliable and efficacious.All of the company’s products are developed from pure natural plants. Supplements for treating wrinkles, hair loss, and acne are available in addition herbal remedies for hypertension, obesity, and gastrointestinal diseases. There are products for helping people quit smoking or be relieved of alcohol dependence in the company’s inventory.Many are for healing or specific organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain.These products can be shipped to countries which we have listed on this web.
The company is dedicated to helping people around the world understand its purpose, using a searchable product catalog, resources for understanding Chinese medicine, and tips and remedies.The company has released a guide, TCM Health-Care Regulation Program, to help people not acquainted with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) associate common medical issues with and include TCM in their medical care. Healthcare and health preservation programs have been designed around the theory of TCM for western people. Supplements are available in many forms for preventing and curing diseases. No other medical company in China has accomplished this. HK SANLIDA is therefore a pioneer in a practice of medicine that has a storied history over thousands of years.
HK SANLIDA Int’l Healthcare Products Company is also a global internet-based company that meets the demand of information era. By relying on its globalized operating and managing capability and its ability of making use of the latest information technology, this Company has established a perfect tracking system for global marketing, dispatching and delivery of goods, and for rendering of customer service, thus providing all-round technical support for widening sales channels and expanding points of sale.