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Method Of Making Tea For Blood Pressure Relief



Method of Tea-making and Drinking

Utensils for steeping tea leaves: In order to ensure achievement of the superb reduceing high blood pressure effect of drinking Tea-leaf Flowers, such


Anti hypertension Tea-leaf Flowers

functional devices as magnetized tankards and metallic goblets should be dispensed with, and the first choice in selection of receptacles should be put on porcelain and glass cups.

Steeping Method: Put a pack of tea leaves in the steeping utensil and pour into it boiling water. Cover the utensil with its lid and let the steeping process go on for 10-15 minutes so as to activate to a high degree the dissolution of the beneficial ingredients in water and to bring thereby into full play their medical efficacy of lowering high blood pressure. Moreover, the tea-making process may be accomplished also by boiling the tea leave in water.

Three ways of relishing the good taste of the tea:

(1) by pouring boiling water on the tea leaves so as to achieve a natural effect and make the taste mellow and pure in the mouth, which will become all the more alluring if the tea so made is put in a thermos bottle to be soaked for 2 hours, or in a refrigerating device in summer to be cooled.

(2) by drinking Lobma tea after drinking alcohol, which will sober the person up and prevent the occurrence of headache on the following day;

(3) by drinking Lobma tea with dried jujubes and haws, which can make the drinker's alimentary channel comfortable, from the stomach to the intestines, and improve his/her appetite at the same time as his/her high blood pressure becomes normal.

Manifestation of Effect:

After drinking the tea for 2-7 days you will feel much more comfort in evacuating the bowels and excreting urine. In due time you will laugh at yourself for having been apprehensive about the speed of passing water and the need of nocturnal micturition. In 7-20 days your blood pressure will have come down evenly, and all the symptoms of high blood pressure will obviously have lessened in severity. You will sleep better; insomnia will seem to have vanished. You will be full of energy the whole day. Being confident of your power of urinating comfortably, you will feel as if your blood had increased in its speed of flow and you were perfectly clear and clean all around your body. The traditional  high blood pressure drug you are taking every day can be diminished in dosage properly. In 2-3 months your blood will have been cleansed: your blood sugar, blood fat and blood viscosity will all have returned to normal values. Say goodbye to high blood pressure! Shake off reliance on Western medicines! Don't be afraid of high blood pressure and the side effects that hypotensive drugs bring to you any more!

How to reduce high blood pressure and drink Tea-leaf Flowers?
You should  drink 6g-12g per day, devided into 2-3 times.

So the process of taking tea-leaf flower to control both high blood pressure and its complications can be divided into three stages.


 1.The accumulating stage  During this stage the blood pressure comes down evenly and smoothly; dizziness, tinnitus, fidgetiness, palpitation and other symptoms will show obvious improvement; and large quantities of deep-colored urine is excreted.
 2.The effecting stage  The blood pressure lowers evidently; heart failure and cerebral hemorrhage are made highly improbable; and remarkably alleviated are headache, stomachache, chest discomfort, shortness of breach and liver injury caused by chemical hypotensive drugs.
 3.The consolidating stage he blood viscosity and the elasticity of blood vessels return to the normal levels of healthy people. The blood pressure will naturally become even and normal as that of a healthy person. Patients are beginning to shake off dependence on chemical hypotensive drugs. 

A question will naturally arise. Can a person be considered to have been cured of high blood pressure if he has gone through the above three stages?

The answer is in the affirmative. Owing to the cumulative effect of the steps taken in the above three stages, the superfluous blood fat that adhered to the walls of the patient’s blood vessels will have completely peeled off, and at the same time the deposits of calcium, heavy metals, chemical drugs and toxic residues of metabolism will have been gradually filtered out. Therefore, people who have had  high blood pressure for different lengths of time will all show incontestable improvement. Not only will their blood pressure become even and normal, but this state will be steadfast and lasting. All the complications of high blood pressure will have disappeared. There will be no need for those people to depend on chemical hypotensive drugs any longer. The dosage of such drugs may be reduced gradually day by day until full confidence in one’s ability to be completely independent of them is gained. Then, you may drink tea-leaf flower with an easy mind and enjoy a long life in good health.

(Note: if you have taken a hypotensive drug for several years, you need to carry the drug with you when you are going somewhere on a business trip or to take part in meetings where you may be emotionally disturbed.)

Another question that may be asked is: How long do I need to drink tea-leaf flower?

You may drink it as long as you like. There is no risk of getting addicted to it. It will always be good for your health.

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