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Safbrain With Pharmacological Effects

Safbrain For Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular System Treatment
Safbrain has an outstanding therapeutic effect in the field of treating vascular diseases of middle-aged and elderly people and strengthen blood vessels, which has been authoritatively confirmed by the clinical experience of 734 patients in several famous hospitals of China. This product was manifestly able to improve blood-fat metabolism and proved very effective in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.  The rate of effectiveness was 75% in lowering total cholesterol and 87.03% in lowering triglyceride.  For curing angina pectoris the rate of effectiveness reached 85.2%, and for diseases of cerebrovascular ischemia the total rate of effectiveness reached 93.9%.
It has been proved that it can be safely taken regularly as no toxicity and side effects have ever been found in large amounts of clinical applications .

Pharmacological Effects of Safbrain for strengthen blood vessels:
1. On the Cardiovascular System:  This medicine performs the function of gently stimulating the heart, lowering the coronary artery resistance, increasing the volume of blood flow of coronary arteries and elevating the amount of blood flow that nourishes the heart muscle.  It can reduce the severity of myocardial ischemia, restrict the extent of the ischemia and slow down the heart rhythm so as to protect the area suffering acute myocardial infarction and alleviate the condition of lack of oxygen in the myocardium. It also performs the function of conspicuously dilating the blood vessels and strengthen blood vessels, improving the peripheral microcirculations, raising the speed of blood flow, increasing the number of capillaries that are functionally open and lightening the congregation of blood cells.
2. On blood fat:  Long-time clinical observations have shown that this medicine obviously can lower blood fat, reduce the total serum cholesterol, triglyceride and beta-lipoprotein.  If it has been used for a considerable length of time the area of the arterial light-yellow macula, symbolic of the lesion, will diminish in size and even disappear, obviously reversing the trend of development of atherosclerosis.
3. For Anticoagulative Action:  This medicine can inhibit thrombocyte congregation and strengthen fibrinolysis so as to obviously delay and dilate the time of thrombosis, shorten the length of the thrombus and reduce its weight.
4. On tolerance to lack of oxygen: Long clinical observations have shown that this medicine can elevate tolerance to hypoxia and thereby has a great power of protection of neurons against  change of nature upon the occurrence of ischemia or hypoxia.
5. On the nervous system:  This medicine has comparatively strong analgesic and sedative capability, effective for both sharp pain and dull pain.  It can also lessen metabolic disturbances in monoamino neural transmitters of the brain tissue, making it possible for the deteriorating neural transmitters to recover or closely approach their normal state .  It performs additionally the function of promoting the growth and division of neurogliocytes.


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