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Ilextensor Medication HK Sanlida

Ilextensor For Hypertension Treatment

Patients of high blood pressure have a yearlong need to take some Western medicine for hypertension to keep stable their blood pressure,but the satisfaction of this need entails the occurrence of headache, stomachache, sense of suppression in the chest, and breathlessness, with the accompanying risk of having some internal organ damaged. Some patients are obliged to change their medicine frequently because they cannot maintain for a sufficiently long period the stability of their blood pressure.

Here we would like to introduce to patients of high blood pressure and hyperlipemia a pure herbal hypotensive product,which may be ideal to them because of its unique effect. This product is the Ilextensor Tablets for lowering blood pressure. This herbal high blood pressure medicine can not only effectively reduce blood pressure and keep it stable for a long time but also protect such target organs as heart, brain, stomach, and blood vessels. It does not affect the organ metabolism but produces manifest improvement of all symptoms induced by high blood pressure(hypertension), thereby making it possible for the person taking the Tablets to lead a life of good quality. It is convenient in administration and low in price, and so it can be readily accepted by patients. As it has no toxic and side effects, its administration can be easily persisted in.

Ilextensor hainanensis is a wild tree growing in the temperate-tropical zone of Southwest China, covered with verdure all the year round. It is a special holly, which has a long history in China of being used as a herbal medicine for relieving internal heat or fever and for invigorating blood circulation and normalizing pulses. It has been found that people living in that zone of Southwest China have an extremely low incidence of high blood pressure (hypertension),hyperlipemia, and cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases.

The Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China has made a large amount of research into the active constituents of Ilextensor hainanensis from the multidisciplinary point of view of chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and disease mechanisms and, in cooperation with the Shanghai Research Institute of High Blood Pressure,developed the Ilextensor Tablets.

Main ingredients of Ilextensor Tablets are extracts from Ilextensor hainanensis, which comprise flavone and its various kindred compounds; triterpene and its kindred compounds; other chemical compounds that are saponins of triterpene; tannin; phenols; glycosides of kindred compounds of semiterpene (esters); and rutin. All these natural constituents are highly beneficial to the health of the human body. Through the central nervous system they can control or dilate the peripheral blood vessels, increase the volume of coronary-artery blood stream, reduce resistance to blood flow, or decrease the consumption of oxygen by the myocardium, to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure. They can also reduce blood fat, clean the liver and relieve internal heat, improve blood circulation and calm the mind. Ilextensor Tablets can be used with inhibitors of angiotensinase (e.g.Captopril, Capoten, and Lopirin) and calcium channel blockers (e.g. Amiodipine Besylate, Istin and Norvasc) for joint treatment of hypertension, and though Ilextensor is based on a different mechanism, it can be made compatible with the other two drugs for lowering blood pressure.

Ilextensor Tablets can be used with inhibitors of angiotensinase (e.g.Captopril, Capoten, and Lopirin) and calcium channel blockers (e.g. Amiodipine Besylate, Istin and Norvasc) for joint treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension), and though Ilextensor is based on a different mechanism, it can be made compatible with the other two high blood pressure drugs.
A. [Ilextensor Tablets + Captopril]: When the two high blood pressure drugs are in joint use, the efficiency shown by Ilextensor Tablets is 46.7%, and the total efficiency is 89.4%, which means that the hypotensive effect is conspicuously greater than that achieved when each is used alone.  Compared with the therapeutic effect and the amplitude of pressure reduction achieved jointly by Captopril and Hydrochlorothiazide Tabelets, the above joint use of Ilextensor and Captopril seems to have no marked difference.
B. When the hypotensive effect achieved by Enalapril Maleate capsules and Norvasc reached a peak and since that time each of them was used with Ilextensor Tablets jointly, both the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressures achieved conspicuously lowered further.

[People who will find herbal drug Ilextensor suitable for the high blood pressure treatment]
1. Those who have primary high blood pressure (hypertension) of Phase I or Phase II, or hyperlipemia, or high blood viscosity, or hypertension combined with some coronary heart disease, or high blood pressure (hypertension) combined with a low renal function, and or simple diabetic hypertension.
2. Those who are patients of Phase III high blood pressure (hypertension) (This means they are not satisfied with the Western drug they are using and may be glad to take an herbal high blood pressure drug at the same time as the companion medicine. They may use the two side by side for some time.  If the situation should develop in favor of Ilextensor the other drug may be gradually dispensed with.)
3. Those for whom other hypotensive drugs cannot eliminate any one of the following symptoms of high blood pressure (hypertension): headache, dizziness, waist and abdomen sore and feeble, palpitation and insomnia, and a sense of suppression in the chest.
[Method of administration]
1. Insist on reasonableness in administration.  When you take Ilextensor Tablets you should proceed just as you do with any other high blood pressure drug.  You should take a maintenance dose continually after your blood pressure has come down.  Only by so doing can you keep your blood pressure stable and your body organs unharmed. If you forget about or do not persist in taking the medicine, your blood pressure will tend to rebound, and there will be some bad consequence.
2. Do not change the medicine at random.  Just as with other medicines for high blood pressure, you need to take Ilextensor Tablets for a period of time before you can be conscious of the effect of stabilized blood pressure.  You are sure to feel the benefit soon.
3. Adjust the dosage according to variation in blood pressure.  During the period of treatment a patient of high blood pressure (hypertension) needs to take the herbal medicine three times a day at the dosage of 3 tablets each time. (For a patient of extraordinarily high blood pressure the dosage is 4 tablets each time.)  However, the maintenance dosage in a later period is 1-4 tablets a day.  As the condition of illness varies from person to person, the speed of transition from treatment  of high blood pressure to maintenance is not the same for all patients.  The reduction in dosage is made by one tablet a time.  Likewise, the times of administration in a day are to be reduced from 3 times a day to 2 times a day and down to 1 time a day. There should not be any hurry in doing this.  As for patients who have merely high blood fat or high blood viscosity, it is necessary only to take this drug continually at 2 tables a day for 2-3 months and have their blood fat and blood flow examined again.

Clinical Data of Ilextensor Tablets

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