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Feales For Baby Fever Treatment

Feales For Baby Fever Treatment

A high fever is a terrifying matter, especially if the patient is an infant and the onset of the illness happens to be at midnight. It is of course imperative to carry the baby immediately to hospital and register as an emergency case. In the hospital an effort will instantly be made to relieve the hyperthermia by the administration of the best medicine at hand intravenously. As the patient is a baby, a small dose is usually given slowly. The dose is repeated while the rectal temperature is monitored. This procedure can be life-saving for a patient who is only a newborn. Yet it may all prove to be in vain, at least in the first hour. The infant’s body temperature may continue to be high. Even if fortunately it should come down, there is no guarantee that it will not rise again.
In this connection, we recommend to you a palatable food for baby fever treatment (high fever in children), which is called Feales. It is appetizing, being sour and sweet with a modicum of saltiness. In day-to-day life, consumers, no matter whether adults or children may find it suitable to have it put among their between-meal nibbles. Indeed, this seemingly insignificant food for nibbling, which can be chewed leisurely, has a surprising effect that people who are not informed about it may never dream of. It can prevent high fever in children and baby fever and, for this reason and others, it may be indispensable to a household.


If a person has at first a headache, feels pain all over the body,  fears cold, and then, a little time later, runs a fever, he/she may do well to put a few pieces of Feales in his/her mouth and drink some tepid water. The fever will naturally subside with a little perspiration.  However, if the person continues feeling cold even though he/she is in fact febrile, or if he/she feels suppressed in the chest all the while, he/she needs to keep in the mouth not only Feales but also Melloy simultaneously.  Strange to say, he/she will get the illness cured by so doing.


If an infant or a small child is in a febrile state with convulsions, if it has contracted scarlet fever, or if, in summertime, it has a fever or a skin rash, a parent need only put a few pieces of Feales in its mouth, for this is the specific remedy.


If no drug can be found to make a pregnant woman stop vomiting, a few pieces of Feales should be given her for holding in the mouth to achieve the needed effect.


If you arrive at a place where some pestilence is said to have broken out, don’t feel alarmed. Keep a few pieces of Feales in your mouth, and you will be sure to have safety.  If there should be, by any chance, difficulties with your respiration, you need only put, additionally, a few pieces of Melloey in your mouth.

5 People afflicted by various types of skin eczema should also   use this product as often as the need arises.

Feales has in it, as its effective ingredients, no more than hyacinth bean, black soya bean, wild jujube kernel, white sugar and glucose, with a little salt added to them.  Then, how can Feales be so wonderful in effect (high fever in children and baby fever)?  The answer is to be sought from the angle of  theoretical traditional Chinese medicine, which discloses that all the diseases mentioned above, such as the febrile state, vomiting and eczema, are connected with gallbladder-meridian insubordination and hyperactivity of the ministerial fire of liver and kidney.  The sour ingredient can subdue the insubordination and hyperactivity, while beans, white sugar and salt can tonify vitality deficiency.  This is why this product can cure the diseases and high fever in children.  You must not belittle such a nibbling food.  It is, as a matter of fact, based on a classic prescription, and it has succeeded in curing many people of their diseases.
Those people who have children in their homes should give them this product to nibble between meals, together with Melloey.  In that case, swallowing bitter drugs and taking intravenous injections can be dispensed with or rendered much less frequent.(high fever in children and baby fever)

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