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Melloey Buccal Tablet for Cough and Sore Throat

Melloey Buccal Tablet for Cough and Sore Throat

A refractory sore throat or a chronic cough can lead to a decline in appetite and general debility. If antitussives or antibiotics are used to treat infantile cough, the effect to be expected is only a certain degree of suppression but not cure. What is more, the child may have been weakened by the cough so that the employment of any chemical drug can only succeed in making the consequence more serious.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, cough and sore throat are often connected with lung dryness and the exhaustion of salivary fluids of the respiratory system. As cough is apt to damage a person’s vitality, it is inevitable that a protracted cough will make the person lose appetite for the daily meals and become worse and worse in health.

The Melloey Buccal Tablet is made completely of edibles, which are Chinese olive, sweet almond, tuber of dwarf lilyturf, honeysuckle, licorice root, Chinese yam, big jujube, glucose, and peppermint. It is a tablet to be held as long as possible in the mouth, where it tastes sweet, cool and refreshing, with a thin herbal fragrance. Not only children but also adults are fond of it. It is widely loved not just for its taste, but also because of its ability to solve the problems of cough (particularly  treat dry cough) and sore throat, with the added benefit of fostering the generation of vital energy and strengthening spleen and stomach.

Chinese olive:  Capable of promoting the secretion of saliva and facilitating ingestion; clearing the body of heat and toxins.  Used for treating dry pharynx, hoarse voice, lung heat and cough.
Sweet almonds:   Most suitable for treating dry cough and energy-deficiency cough.
Tuber of dwarf lilyturf:   Capable of fostering generation of body-fluids, saliva in particular; moistening the lungs and clearing the heart of exuberant heat.  Used for treating pulmonary dryness and unproductive cough.
Chinese yam:   Beneficial for replenishing pulmonary vital energy, fostering the generation of lung fluids, and also used for treating lung deficiency in vital energy, productive cough and chronic cough.
Big jujube, licorice root, and glucose:  Used for replenishing vital energy; for fostering the generation of blood;and for calming the mind (i.e. for tranquilization).

If the cough is very grave, this Tablet should be taken with the simultaneous administration of Livermend, because an ingredient of Livermend, i.e. the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, can “arrest lung excesses” and “calm cough and pacify asthma”, while the other ingredients of Livermend perform the functions of tranquilization, activation of blood and resolution of stases, and elimination of inflammation.

 If the cough is accompanied with a fear of cold (concurrently with the symptoms of influenza), the Tablet needs to be administered with Aegiseme, because the cassia twig in Aegiseme is an exterior-releasing medicinal (i.e. a substance that has the effect of dispelling exogenous pathogenic factors from the superficial, exterior aspect of the body, usually through sweating), which can be used to treat an illness caused by wind and cold, manifested as chilliness and mild fever, absence of sweating, headache, stuffed and running nose, sneezing, general aching, and floating and tense pulse.Moreover, it can suppress a number of harmful bacteria.


Why does a child often catch cold, and why is it especially susceptible to the flu?

From the angle of traditional Chinese medicine, the reason is that the internal organs of a child is not strong enough, and insubordination of the lung meridian will entail cough (Note: The term meridian means here the meridian syndrome, which is a morbid condition), whereas fever is caused by hyperactivity of the ministerial fire and insubordination of the gallbladder meridian (Note: The term fire is often used to mean pathological manifestation of intense heat such as flushed face, bloodshot eyes or acute local inflammation, resulting from excessive functional activities or immoderate emotional influences, but here it means physiological energy of life; and the term ministerial fire means the fire which originates in the kidney and is attached to the liver and gallbladder, in contrast to the monarch fire, which comes from the heart).

Melloey can subdue the lung meridian and foster the generation of vital energy, and Feales can subdue the ministerial fire and the gallbladder meridian, replenishing at the same time the hepatic vital enregy on a large scale. Therefore, a child can have cough and fever prevented and health improved by holding in mouth every day a few pieces of the palatable Melloey and Feales. An adult may also do this with equal efficacy.


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