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Coldcurer Medication For Common Cold

Effective Remedy For Common Colds

Whenever anyone has caught a cold, he/she refers to it generally as the “common cold”.  The common cold is an illness often met with: it is a disease of high incidence.  In so far as the wide spread and high frequency of recurrence are concerned, no other illness of any nature can compare with it.  It may come on in any one of the four seasons of the year, but more often in winter and spring.  Although a slight cold can be cured simply by rest, without the need of medication, a serious one may affect adversely a person’s work and living, and may even endanger the person’s life if he/she is a child or is old and feeble, especially when an epidemic of influenza has broken out and is spreading at high speed.  In that case, a great number of people will certainly be infected, and the common cold that an individual may happen to have caught will be submerged in the tide of the epidemic, so that the common cold will become indistinguishable from a case of influenza. Of course, it can be said that the individual may actually have been infected in the same way as the great multitude of other people who show very grave symptoms, with even fatal consequences. Viewed in that light, a cold should in no case be considered a negligible ailment and must be guarded against with great care.  What is more, a cold often induces the onset of or aggravates the severity of such diseases as cough, palpitation, dropsy, and that type of arthralgia which is characterized by aching and numbness in the limbs or all over the body.
In the opinion of traditional Chinese medical scholars, the question whether or not a person is in a state to fall easy prey to a cold depends on the balance between his/her healthiness and the force of evil factors acting on him/her or, in other words, whether or not his/her healthiness is strong enough to fend off the evil factors.  No doubt, there are people who, all the year round, are not liable to catch cold, which means their healthiness is so good as always to be able to fend off attacks of the evil factors.  On the other hand, there are also people who are prone to catch cold many times a year---simply because their healthiness is so frail as not to be able to defend itself anytime in the year against the onslaught of the evil factors.
The reader is expected to benefit, in this respect, from a knowledge of the two principles by which traditional Chinese medicine treats colds.  They are given below.


1. Treatment for the common cold as well as colds induced by a seasonal epidemic, traditional Chinese medicine adopts the principle of using exterior-releasing therapy with pungent-powdered medicinals, by which the external evil factors are banished and the person’s healthiness is made safe and unmolested---to the effect that the cold is cured. (Note: exterior releasing therapy: a general term for dispelling pathogenic factors from the exterior of the body, commonly used in the treatment of exterior syndromes; pungent-powdered medicinals: medicinals pungent in flavor and powder in form)
2. People who are aged, who have weak constitutions, who are convalescing, or who are women feeling weak soon after childbirth or usually frail in constitution may tend to catch cold repeatedly or may have colds linger on in them as if endlessly.  Their colds seem to be somewhat different from the common cold of people in general.  The principle of treatment of very weak people for their “common cold” consists in laying stress on strengthening healthiness and eliminating the pathogenic factors.  In cases where the gastrointestinal tract becomes encroached upon, the complications ought to be dealt with by supplementary therapies of dampness resolution, stomach harmonization, and vital-energy regulation.

We are glad to recommend to you here our product Coldcurer, which conforms with the therapeutic principles described above, being based upon a prescription of accurate composition for that purpose, and which, therefore, can be used to treat the common cold of people in general and “that variety of the common cold”, so to speak, which afflicts very weak people.  Its ingredients are in the main:  cassia twig, root of Chinese wild ginger, wild jujube kernel, ginseng, and licorice root.  In treating the common cold and other colds, it has been shown to take effect very soon.  The common cold (or any other cold) can be cured in 2-3 days after administration of Coldcurer starts.  Recrudescence is very rare, as has been found.
The method of administration of Coldcurer ( treatment for the common cold) is very simple:
1.When under attack of any cold, take Coldcurer 3 times a day at 2 pieces a time.  If the cold is complicated by a fever, take Feales in addition.
2.Those who have very weak constitutions need to take Coldcurer for a few more days after the fit of the cold is over, at 2 times a day and 1-2 pieces a time, in order to consolidate the therapeutic effect and strengthen their bodies.

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