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Special Features of Beticure for Diabetes Treatment


[Special Features of Beticure Effect]

1.No unfavorable systemic reaction: This diabetes natural treatment product is almost not absorbed by stomach and intestines and so does not enter into the blood stream of the body.  It has very slight influence on liver and kidneys and almost does not evoke any systemic reaction.
2.Main effect: It lowers the postprandial blood sugar as its chief task, and as the next task slightly reduces the fasting blood sugar.
3.No burden imposed on the pancreatic islets:  This product does not lower the postprandial blood sugar by stimulating the secretion of insulin, and so will not impose any extra burden on the beta cells of the pancreas.  On the contrary, it can ameliorate resistance to insulin and reduce the insulin level slightly.
4.Inhibition effect and its strength: The inhibition effect of this product on amylase is the greatest that it has, and the inhibition effect that it has on disaccharides (e.g. invertase and maltase) is weaker.
5.Hypoglycemic potency of this product: The potency that this diabetes treatment product has for effecting reduction of blood sugar is approximately half of that of a conventional oral hypoglycemic agent (e.g. a drug of the sulfonylurea, biguanide or insulin sensitizer group).  For this reason, taking this product by itself will not incur hypoglycemia.
6.Other effects: Besides lowering blood sugar, this diabetes natural treatment product has the aggregative effect of lowering the levels of insulin, triglyceride and cholesterol and of reducing the incidence of complications of cadiovascular diseases; and it will not increase the body weight or incur waste of body energy, and will not impede the absorption of nutritional substances.

[Coordination of Hypoglycemic Drugs]
Hypoglycemic drugs not of the same mechanism may be conducive to each other.
     [This product + One of the biguanides]
     [This product + One of the sulfonylureas]
     [This product + One of the biguanides + One of the sulfonylureas]
     [This product + insulin]
     [This product + One of the thiazole-alkane-diketones]
     [This product + Promoter of insulin secretion, which is not a sulfonylurea]

Of all hypoglycemic agents, Acarbos, which may be immediately put off on the basis of its dosage size, is an exception; the rest should as much as possible be made compatible with this product in order to tide over the period of transition and to be gradually cut off after the blood sugar has become stabilized, but attention must be paid to the variation of the blood sugar value during the time when this natural diabetes treatment product and the other drug, a hypoglycemic agent, are in joint use.
[Analysis of Effect Achieved When Used Side by Side with a Hypoglycemic Agent]

l. When used with a sulfonylurea: When this diabetes natural treatment product is used jointly with a sulfonylurea, this product has the chief effect of inhibiting the absorption of saccharides, while the sulfonylurea stimulates the secretion of insulin.  The two have different mechanisms for lowering blood sugar, and their joint use will result in the hypoglycemic effect becoming more obvious.
2. When used with a biguanide:

When this natural diabetes treatment product is used jointly with a biguanide, this product acts principally to inhibit the absorption of saccharides, while the effect of the biguanide is shown as the increase of utilization of saccharides by the peripheral tissues.  Acting as if in a concerted effort, they reduce the fasting blood sugar and the postprandial blood sugar respectively.

3. When used with a drug of the insulin group: When this diabetes treatment product is used with a drug of the insulin group, it can reduce the amount of insulin that needs to be injected and lower the incidence of hypoglycemia.
4. When used with a drug that has the inhibitor a-glycosidase: As this product has the alkaloid as its chief ingredient, it is based on the same pharmacological principle as Acarbose.  From the point of view of pharmacological constitution, the two are of the same group.  Therefore, the dosage should be controlled.  This diabetes natural treatment product should avoid being used with a drug which also has an inhibitor of the a-glycosidase as its ingredient, because the joint use of the two may give rise to the effect of competitive inhibition, without any benefit to the hypoglycemic effect.
a. When Acarbose is taken at a small dosage (1-2 tablets), a person who is to take this diabetes treatment product should immediately stop taking Acarbose.
b. When Acarbose is taken at a dosage above the medium (3-12 tablets), a person who is to take this product should reduce the dose of Acarbose by 30-50%.  When the variation of the value of blood sugar is seen to have come under control after a cetain period of observation, the administration of the remaining Acarbose drug may be ceased step by step until the time arrives when this product can be taken all by itself.

[Drugs to be avoided]
The joint use of this natural diabetes treatment product and any of the following drugs is to be avoided. These drugs are antacids, cholestyramine, intestinal adsorbents, and inhibitors of digestive enzymes (amylase, pancreatin, etc.).  The aforementioned drugs can undermine the effect of this product.

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