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Mulberry-leaf Capsules for Diabetes

Mulberry-leaf Capsules for diabetics

Diabetes mellitus is a non-transmissible chronic disease of many causes.  It can lead to some infections, cardiac and cerebrovascular pathological changes, renal failure, blindness, lower-limb gangrene, etc. and has become a main cause of mortality or disablement, bringing to the patient enormous psychological and spiritual oppression and bodily suffering.

In the 80s of the last century, Japanese pharmacologists found for the first time in history that mulberry leaves contain the alkaloid DNJ, which is an inhibitor of glycosidases, suppressing and slowing down the formation of a-glycosidase in the intestines, thus being able to lower conspicuously a diabetic’s postprandial blood sugar. This alkaloid has an extraordinary effect in regulating blood sugar and in preventing and treating diabetes mellitus.

In China the cultivation of mulberry trees has a history of more than seven thousand years. Mulberry trees of excellent quality are scattered almost all over China, which is the earliest country in the world growing mulberry trees, gathering mulberry leaves, feeding silkworms with them, and producing silk and silk fabrics. China is also the country where mulberry trees are cultivated in the greatest number in the world.
Taking into consideration the present situation that the number of patients of diabetes mellitus is increasing rapidly, that the Western medicines are limited in effectiveness, with toxic and side effects, and generally show loss of effectiveness after longtime use and that the means for preventing and treating complications of the disease are lacking, Chinese medical and pharmacological research and development institutes made a comprehensive study and analysis of the chemical ingredients of mulberry leaves and ascertained the material basis of the well-known suitability of these leaves for hypoglycemic use. They adopted advanced technology of extraction and created the pure green and natural hypoglycemic product Beticure Mulberry-leaf Capsules, which is composed of l00%mulberry-leaf extracts (alkaloid, polysaccharide and flavone) that are used as the chief ingredients of the product. It is a health-care product without any chemical additive and originated in China aimed chiefly at performing the function of inhibiting the postprandial rise of blood sugar, and it is at a par with Western medicines in hypoglycemic effect but safe and without any toxic and side effect. It can additionally prolong the acting time of human insulin and thereby lighten the burden on the pancreas, revive the pancreatic islet cells for the regular performance of their function, and stimulate them to secrete insulin. The alkaloid, polysaccharide and flavone in mulberry leaves are used in this product as the three main ingredients for treating diabetes mellitus, and here they act in unison and bring into full play their hypoglycemic capability with the result that the efficacy of lowering blood sugar is brought up to the full extent. After orally taking this new diabetes treatment product for 5-7 days a great many diabetics have had their blood sugar (both fasting and postprandial) lowered by over 90%.
[Main Ingredients] 100% mulberry-leaf extracts (active substances>85%): mulberry-leaf alkaloid, mulberry-leaf total polysaccharide, and mulberry-leaf total flavone
[Pharmacological Analysis]  

The mulberry-leaf alkaloid (DNJ)

 It is an a-glycosidase inhibitor, capable of slowing down the absorption of disaccharides by the intestines, for the purpose of lowering postprandial blood sugar.
1. Rejection of saccharides:  The alkaloid (DNJ) extracted from mulberry leaves can reject disaccharides and polysaccharides by entering into the intestines direct, not through the liver and kidneys, and combine early with the a-glycosidase so as to make it impossible for the saccharides to break down into glucose, thus preventing the occurrence of postprandial hyperglycemia at its very origin.
2. Interruption of a process: DNJ can preclude the combination of glucose molecules with hemoglobin to form saccharified hemoglobin, thus forestalling the occurrence of complications and deterioration of the disease.
3. Repair of cells:  DNJ has the singular effect of nourishing and repairing the badly scarred pancreatic islets,lightening the burden of the islets and enabling the islet cells gradually to perform their function satisfactorily again.

The mulberry total polysaccharide

 The polysaccharide has as its chief ingredient an amino acid which is a competitive inhibitor of the glycosidase. It can improve the function of the islet cells, raise sensitivity to insulin, and lower the fasting blood sugar. In a word, it has a comparatively great hypoglycemic effect.

The mulberry total flavone

It has superiority in treating resistance to insulin, can ameliorate the rise in blood sugar induced by resistance to insulin, has evident effect in amending resistance to insulin, and is endowed with the ability to increase sensitivity to insulin and curb the activity of the disaccharidase.  It has an obvious hypoglycemic effect.

Other merits of mulberry leaves

 Reduction of blood fat, lowering of blood pressure, antioxidation, resistance to pathogenic bacteria, and antiinflammatory and anti-aging effects.
1. Research has discovered that mulberry leaves contain Y aminobutyric acid and can reduce high blood pressure.
2. The plant sterols in mulberry leaves can reduce the absorption of cholesterol, expel cholesterol from the body,reduce blood fat, and curb the absorption of cholesterol by the intestines.
3. Substances of the flavone group, such as quercetin, isoquercetin, and quercitrin, have the effects of antioxidation and prevention of arteriosclerosis
4. The mulberry ethanol extract has a certain effect of curbing the activity of tyrosinase, and so it can eliminate chromatosis and be useful for removing freckles and speckles.

[Hypoglycemic mechanism]:
1. The a-glycosidase plays an important role in the process of absorption of food.  When food has been combined with a-glycodase it is digested and absorbed at high speed, entailing the rapid postprandial elevation of blood sugar.
The action of this new diabetes treatment product takes place at the upper section of the intestines and, by reversibly inhibiting the a-glycosidase at the brush-form fringes of the mesenteries, delays disintegration of polysaccharides (such as starch and oligosaccharides) into glucose by the glycosidase, thereby decreasing the speed of glucose absorption and lowering the blood sugar after a meal.
2. This new diabetes treatment product chiefly inhibits the effect of a-amylase on the process of digestion of macromolecular polysaccharides
3. This product does not act direct on the fasting blood sugar but, by slowing down the digestion and absorption of saccharides in the intestines, can lower the postprandial blood sugar and, by ameliorating resistance to insulin at the same time, can go on to lower the fasting blood sugar to a certain extent.

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