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Hair Loss FAQ’s

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1.How long is one period of treatment to stop hair loss when the Evergreen hair regenerator is used? What is the concrete method of application?
Answer: One period of treatment lasts 3 months. You should use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening respectively. The quantity to be applied is 1 ml each time. You need only spray by pushing 5 or 6 times, but you may increase or decrease the quantity as you need. You should note that the hair and the scalp must be kept dry before the lotion is applied. The lotion is to be sprayed on the bald spot or the surface of the scalp showing thinning of hair. During the period of treatment you must perform this operation every day without interruption.If you persist in using EVERGREEN your hair will grow at high speed because of the strengthening of blood circulation and the addition of nourishment. Your hair will be rich and lustrous in three months.

2.For which types of hair loss is the Evergreen hair regenerator suitable? Can it be used by females?
Answer: There is some difficulty in answering this question. I must say that Evergreen has good therapeutic effect for the male's seborrheic hair loss, for patchy baldness, and for composite alopecia. For females there is a special version of Evergreen for female use.

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3.How long has the Evergreen hair regenerator to be used before hair loss can be stopped? How long has one to wait in order to see the growth of new hair?
Answer: the patient can be sure that hair loss will stop within 3 to 5 days after he starts using the Evergreen hair regenerator. The time when hair ceases to fall off is also the time when new hair begins to grow out. You can see new hair grow out in a month. There is a way to observe this phenomenon happen. Separate the hair along a line at the afflicted part of the scalp. Illuminate that place with a flashlight. Take a lateral view of the place with the help of a magnifying glass of sufficient magnifying power. You can see very fine new hair growing up. This observation is easy to make especially when the hair has been washed and dried in the shade.

4.Is there any age limit for success in the treatment for hair regrowth?

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Answer: Generally speaking, there is no clear line of demarcation regarding age between those who can be treated with success and those who cannot. Success depends chiefly upon the length of the case history, the degree of severity of the case, and the patient's sensitivity to the product, that is, Evergreen, which may vary from individual to individual. A definite age cannot be set as the limit, but no doubt the speed and amount of regrowth of hair has a lot to do with the age of the person involved. There is bound to be a difference between a person who is 60 years old and another who is only 30. It is consolatory to note, however, that Evergreen is beneficial to any man who is not too old to need it.

5.Can there be a relapse of the disease after several periods of seemingly successful treatment?
Answer:EVERGREEN contains large amounts of biologically active ingredients of Chinese medicine which can upgrade the role of capillaries in blood circulation and improve the physiological functions of mucous membranes. Generally speaking, hair loss can be brought under control within 5 to 15 days, and metabolism will become normal again. In 10 to 30 days of continual application new hair can be seen growing up, though very fine and lacking in luster. For patients of a low degree of seriousness, good therapeutic effect can be achieved in 3 months. For patients of medium and high degrees of seriousness, a relatively longer time would be required, perhaps two or three periods of treatment. Early discontinuance will adversely affect the result of treatment. This is certainly not evidence of relapse. To patients of seborrheic hair loss of the first six degrees of seriousness I must give a suggestion or warning. Don't take it for granted that your disease has been cured. Three months may seem to be a very long time. As a matter of fact, you have gone through only one period of treatment. If you stop at that juncture, hair regrowth will be retarded, and the phenomenon of hair loss will reappear. This is certainly not a relapse, either.
In order to achieve the optimum result, it is necessary for you to go on with spraying Evergreen two to three times a week even when you are confident that your disease has been cured.

6.What is the effect of the Evergreen hair regenerator on alopecia areata?
Answer: Alopecia areata can be cured by Evergreen. Traditional Chinese medicine is ingested at the same time for conditioning hair growth through proper improvement of health. Generally, application of it to the afflicted patches of the scalp for about one month will bring about a satisfactory result. Hair will grow out, which is at first fine and white. After a sufficiently long period of application the hair will change from white to yellow and then to the color of your healthy hair, and the diameter will also increase by and by. A patient of the light degree of seriousness will recover completely after 1~2 periods of treatment. A patient of the medium or severe degree of seriousness will have to use the product comparatively longer.

7.I was afflicted by alopecia areata. After application of Evergreen for two months, approximately half an inch of new hair has grown, but it is still white in color all over. Why has it not changed to the black or brown color?
Answer: In the case of alopecia areata, the new-grown hair is always fine and white. In consequence of former neglect or mistakes in treatment the new-grown hair might remain white for quite a long time. Eventually, however, it will have the healthy color.

8.Can I go swimming or take a bath after using Evergreen?
Answer: You will have to wait for one or two hours before going to swim or to take a bath. If you come back home from your office and take a bath first, you must dry your hair with a towel and then use Evergreen. Only in this way can you get the best result. A strong alkaline shampoo can make your scalp too dry and itching all the more. What you need to make sure is that the scalp is clean and sufficiently dry.

9.During the period when I was using Evergreen I often felt my scalp itch. Was this itching caused by the product?
Answer: I suppose you have stopped using the product because of the itching. You ought to have consulted a dermatologist first. The itching of the scalp is often caused by folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis or allergic dermatitis. If you have any skin disease, I suggest that you get it cured first. If you have no skin disease, the itching might have been caused by the rapid penetration of the lotion through the skin. If any one of you should feel some slight itching of his scalp in a little more than 30 days after he began his daily routine of spraying the lotion, the feeling may be due to new hair protruding out of the follicles. You needn't do anything about it.

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