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Evergreen Hair Loss Products For Men And Women

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A research and development team formed by Hong Kong Sanlida International Healthcare Products Company with experts from several institutes of

Best Herbal Hair Loss Treatment For Men At HK Sanlidatraditional Chinese medicine of China worked very hard for a number of years and, relying on achievements in fundamental theoretical research, were able to make many-sided technical innovations on the conventional, first-generation, products for hair loss treatment and renewal of hair growth. For use as raw material are chosen such precious medicinal herbs as Chinese angelica, lingusticum wallichii, tuber of multiflower knowteed, natural ginseng, saffron crocus and fruit of Chinese wolfberry. The essences of these medicinal herbs are secured by the most advanced contemporary supercritical carbon-dioxide extraction technology. That is to say, carbon dioxide in a supercritical state instead of a chemical solvent is used as the extraction medium, with selective extraction of the essences of the medicinal herbs being carried out by appropriate changes of pressure and temperature. The active ingredients, which are most favorable to hair growth, having been so obtained, the latest-generation EVERGREEN hair regenerator, most efficacious hair loss products, and with greater safety besides higher efficiency on its side, was successfully developed.
EVERGREEN hair regenerator contains large amounts of biologically active ingredients which can upgrade the role of capillaries in blood circulation and improve the physiological functions of mucous membranes. They can act direct on the scalp where there is any disorder in structural parts of hair follicles such as the capillaries, the nerve system, the hair papillae, the pigment conversion cells, and the sebum secretion channels, all of which will undergo a wholesale cleanup and a comprehensive repair or a process of revitalization of nourishment. The hair follicles are thus enabled to participate in the systemic circulation of the organism and absorb nourishment independently from surrounding scalp and regulate their own environment of growth. Traditional Chinese medicine is ingested at the same time for conditioning hair growth through proper improvement of health. The effect is generally seen very soon. Hair loss will stop in 5 days, and new hair will begin to grow in 15 days.
male hair loss  
male hair loss 

Since EVERGREEN hair regenerator appearance on the market in Hong Kong and various regions of Europe and America in 2007, EVERGREEN hair regenerator has been used for treatment of tens of thousands of cases of alopecia with the ratio of success reaching about 90%. By its distinguishing features of high speed in showing success, absence of color, gentleness and decency of smell, and high rate of success, EVERGREEN has won the trust of patients of hair loss. It has earned the reputation of being "the best medical product on a prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for prevention of hair loss and renewal of hair growth".

women hair loss treatment

The EVERGREEN hair regenerator (For Male Use) has good therapeutic effect for seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and alopecia of the mixed type.

The Evergreen hair regenerator (For female Use) is made up of the extracts of more than ten Chinese medicinal herbs meticulously chosen from among hundreds of the special native herbs of the Yunnan Province. These herbs are subjected to a biological extraction process to yield the ingredients of this version of Evergreen hair regenerator which is suitable for female use. It has a superb therapeutic effect for curing female hair loss without any disagreeable side effect on the skin and endows hair with the luster, elasticity and luxuriance that every female will be proud of.

Method of application and dosage:

1. Two times a day (in the morning and in the evening respectively). Each dose consists of 1ml-2ml (The quantity sprayed by pushing 5-6 times), which may be slightly increased or decreased according to the need.
2. The hair and the scalp should be kept dry before application, and the lotion should be applied only on the surface of the bald spot(s); 3. Each bottle contains 100ml, best to be used without intermission.
One course of treatment lasts 3 months.


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