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Best Herbal Hair Loss Treatment For Men At HK Sanlida

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At present there are two kinds of hair loss products on the market for treating hair loss, one is of Western medicines and the other is of traditional Chinese medicines. Although Western medicines for hair loss treatment have different trade names, they are either of the Minoxidil type, if used by external application, or of the Finasteride type, if used by oral administration. Finasteride is not for use by women, for it is in the FDA pregnancy category X, which means it is known to cause birth defects. As for Minoxidil, it may cause pilosis if orally taken for too long a period. Its benefit for regenerating hair growth is not yet known.


Herbal Hair Loss Treatment For Men

The EVERGREEN hair regenerator (For Male Use) has good therapeutic effect for seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and alopecia of the mixed type. Evergreen hair regenerator uses the "hair follicle revival"therapy, by which a lotion composed of extracts of traditional Chinese medicinal materials selected for their superior properties is applied to the afflicted parts of the scalp and, with the help of high-efficiency transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS), the extracts are enabled to enter and revive the failing follicle cells.(More about best hair loss treatment for men)

The Evergreen hair regenerator contains a number of biologically active constituents which promote circulation in very small blood vessels and improve the physiological functions of the mucous membranes. They are aimed direct at those parts of the top of the head where pathological changes are taking place and perform the functions of cleaning, repairing, nourishing and reviving all the structures and organs connected with the hair follicles, thereby making it possible for the hair follicles to participate in the life cycle of the organism again and absorb on their own the needed nutrients from the surrounding scale with the result that proper regulation of the environment of growth of the hair follicles is assured. Oral administration of traditional Chinese medicines may be given for improvement of the patient's constitution if deemed necessary. For the effect so far achieved of reviving debilitated hair follicles, Evergreen hair regenerator has won the reputation of"the Chinese wonderful hair regenerator of hair loss treatment".

The conventional, first-generation, products for preventing hair loss and for renewal of hair growth, no matter whether they were rubbed on the scalp or sprayed on it for the claimed purpose, laid down as a requirement that the bald spot(s) on the scalp be slightly massaged with fingers in order to facilitate lotion penetration. EVERGREEN, however, by means of the advanced contemporary technology of skin penetration, dissolves the sebum in sebaceous glands and expands sweat glands and hair follicles so that the medicinal substances can speedily penetrate through the skin, act direct on inner hair follicles, supply to the scalp balanced nourishment, improve physiological functions, provide adequate nutrition for renewed growth of hair, adjust abnormalities in the metabolism of sex hormones, and counteract the side effects of the hormones on the hair follicles, whereby alopecia is arrested and the renewal of hair growth facilitated. In EVERGREEN it is noteworthy that massage of scalp is dispensed with. All that is necessary is the act of spraying. Simple and natural; no side effect.One course of hair loss treatment lasts 3 months.

Evergreen Hair Loss Products For Men    Evergreen Hair Loss Products For Men

Main ingredients of Evergreen hair regenerator:
Extracts of tuber of multiflower knotweed, Chinese angelica, saffron, ginseng, and fruit of wolfberry

Method of application and dosage: 1. 2 times a day (in the morning and in the evening respectively). Each dose consists of 1ml-2ml (The quantity sprayed by pushing 5-6 times), which may be slightly increased or decreased according to the need. 2. The hair and the scalp should be kept dry before application, and the lotion should be applied only on the surface of the bald spot(s); 3. Each bottle contains 100ml, best to be used without intermission.

How long after one begins to use EVERGREEN will his hair stop falling off?
A patient of hair loss will find his hair stops falling off in 3 to 5 days. The day when hair loss stops is also the day when new hair begins to grow. EVERGREEN is efficacious for treating seborrheic alopecia. When the cutaneous sebum outlet channel becomes free for passage within 1-2 days after EVERGREEN begins to be used, scalp sebum will not increase any more. When the secretion of hormones becomes normal in 3-5 days, the phenomenon of hair falling off stops. When EVERGREEN continues in use for 10-15 days the mother cells of hair will no longer be in a suppressed state as before. As the mother cells begin to multiply and keratinize, hair starts growing. If you persist in using EVERGREEN your hair will grow at high speed because of the strengthening of blood circulation and the addition of nourishment. Your hair will be rich and lustrous in three months.

When will he see new hair grow out?
When using EVERGREEN, you can see new hair growing out in one month. The correct method of making the observation is as follows. Separate the hair in front and behind at the affected part of the scalp. Take a flashlight to illuminate the spot sidewise. With the aid of a magnifying glass of "4-6 times as large" in magnifying power you can see new hair, very fine and tiny, grown out there. Generally speaking, this work of observation is easy to do immediately after the hair has been washed and dried in natural air.(More about best hair loss treatment for men)


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