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EVERGREEN Hair Loss Treatment For Women

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Some people are of the opinion that women's hair loss is due to some endocrine disorder. In this connection, the female

Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women

sex hormones come into the center of attention. However, a woman must be cautious about meddling with any of her estrogens. For she would run the risk of getting carcinoma if she should do that. There is another opinion which is also difficult to comply with. Some people say that a female may use her brain too strenuously, thus concentrating the blood of the upper part of her head in the brain and decreasing correspondingly the blood in her scalp. Such an uneven state of blood distribution will in the long run cause the hair loss because the hair follicles are short of nourishment. The implication of this opinion is quite obvious. A woman should not be an intellectual worker. No self-respecting female will agree with this idea.

A considerable number of people, including some physicians, entertain the opinion that female alopecia is caused by a lack of proper balance in nutrition. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are all necessary in one's diet. Yet too much vitamin A and fat in the diet will cause hair loss. If this idea is correct, a woman will need to refrain from eating fish and meat. In short, she had better become a vegetarian in her dietary habit. How can this be carried out?
In fact, the female who has lost part of her hair does not need to be a vegetarian in her diet. She should only be a vegetarian in medication. Instead of using chemical lotions she can apply to her scalp the Chinese herbal lotion, namely the Evergreen hair regenerator for women hair loss treatment. The greatest advantage of this version of Evergreen hair regenerator is that it is completely herbal, or vegetable, in origin, and that when it penetrates into the scalp, it will not only revitalize the inactive or decayed hair follicles but also nourish and strengthen all other organisms with which it inevitably will come into contact. Alopecia is generally due to the inactivity of the follicles. The patient may hope that this state of inactivity is only temporary and will soon be over. But there is no means of knowing how long the disturbance will last, or whether or not it will remain so for ever. It will be unwise to wait and see. She must give the failing follicles some more nourishment to invigorate or revive them so that they will not perish.(click here to purchase hair loss treatment product for women)

Baldness Treatment For Women   Hair Loss Treatment For Women  Hair Loss Treatment For Women

The Evergreen hair regenerator (For hair loss in women) is made up of the extracts of more than ten Chinese medicinal herbs meticulously chosen from among hundreds of the special native products of the Yunnan Province. These herbs are subjected to a biological extraction process to yield the ingredients of this version of Evergreen hair regenerator which is suitable for female use. It has a superb therapeutic effect for curing female hair loss without any disagreeable side effect on the skin and endows hair with the luster, elasticity and luxuriance that every female will be proud of.

Main ingredients of Evergreen hair regenerator : (Extracts of) Root of membranous milk vetch, Fruit of Chinese wolfberry, Chinese angelica, Tuber of multiflower knotweed, Ginseng.

It is noteworthy that Chinese angelica, which is one of the main ingredients of this Female-use Evergreen hair regenerator, is widely used in traditional Chinese gynecology as a medicine for curing diseases and a tonic for improving health. Its extract has the additional advantage of being able to penetrate easily through the skin and, for this reason, is employed very often as a transdermal passage promoter.(click here to purchase hair loss treatment product for women)

Method of application and dosage: 1. Two times a day (in the morning and in the evening respectively). Each dose consists of 1ml-2ml (The quantity sprayed by pushing 5-6 times), which may be slightly increased or decreased according to the need. 2. The hair and the scalp should be kept dry before application, and the lotion should be applied only on the surface of the bald spot(s); 3. Each bottle contains 100ml, best to be used without intermission.
One course of treatment for women hair loss lasts 3 months.

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