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Holistic Healing Therapy HK Sanlida



Prevention of cardiac and cerebral diseases:



 Treatments by Holisticare of coronary heart diseases and angina pectoris showed definite effects and had good manifestations of safety.


 The joint use of Holisticare and Metoprolol in the treatments of chronic heart failure showed good therapeutic results, without any apparent side effects.


 Holisticare, put in joint use with Western medicines for treatment of viral myocarditis, were able to show an evident elevation of therapeutic effects in all cases.


 Holisticare were able to reduce, for old people, the frequency of attacks of myocardial ischemia that had no warning symptoms and to shorten the period of each attack.


 In the treatments of coronary heart diseases Holisticare showed definitely good therapeutic effects in improving myocardial ischemia, strengthening heart functions, lowering myocardial consumption of oxygen, and reducing blood-flow stagnancy and platelet congregation.


 In treating functional premature beats, jointly with other traditional Chinese medicines, Holisticare could obviously raise therapeutic effects, together with the rendering of synergetic service but without any cardiac or vascular side effect.

 G  Holisticare had quite good therapeutic effects in treating cerebroarterial sclerosis.

 3. Prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus:
A. Holisticare were able manifestly to improve the symptoms and bodily signs of diabetic patients in respect to pathological changes in peripheral nerves

Holisticare Capsule For Holistic Healing Remedies


and show a beneficial effect in elevation of transmission speed of their peripheral nerves.
B. Holisticare showed obvious effects in the treatment of old-age Type-II diabetes mellitus.  A comparison of the values of fasting blood sugar and postprandial 2h blood sugar and the levels of blood fat showed conspicuous differences in all values, which demonstrated that the capsules can regulate fat metabolism and lower the level of blood sugar, improve the symptoms of diabetes mellitus by reducing great thirst for and copious drinking of water and, therefore, are important and valuable to patients who have any composite cardio-cerebro-vascular disease.
4.Other health-care effects of holistic healing therapy:


 Holisticare may be used in supplementary treatment for chronic hepatitis or tumors and as a supplementary medicine for patients of cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

 B  Regulation of endocrine secretions and treatment of autonomic nerve disorder.

 Holisticare can perform the function of improving the metabolism of the organism, stimulating the pituitary gland and the adrenal cortex, maintaining the vitamin C content of the adrenal gland, regulating and keeping in equilibrium the cyclic adenosine monophosphate and the cyclic guanosine monophosphate in the organism, and upgrading the metabolism of the internal organs.  They can increase the organ’s resistance to diseases, enhance the myocardial force of contraction, boost the power of the heart in the performance of its functions, protect the liver and repulse the occurrence of tumors.

 D  They can saliently improve the composite symptoms of the climacteric.

 They can lessen conspicuously the severity of neurasthenia, insomnia and amnesia.  They are helpful to people who feel fatigue or are often short of breath.

 F  They can upgrade the male sexual performance.

 [Drugs to be shunned]  It is inappropriate to take at the same time with these capsules the following traditional Chinese medicines:  wulingzhi, black false hellebore
[Administration and dosage]: Oral, For longtime, health-care use: 1 capsules a time, 1-2 times a day
      For therapeutic use: 1-2capsules a time, 3 times a day
     1 course of treatment consists of 3 months of continued administration. Each capsule contains 25mg of ginseng- fruit saponin.


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