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Holisticare Capsule For Holistic Healing Remedies

Holisticare Capsule For Holistic Healing Remedies

Holisticare Capsule For Holistic Healing Remedies

With the rise of people’s standards of living, the lengthening of the average lifespan, and changes in lifestyle and in the ecological environment, diseases that accompany aging and decrepitude, such as coronary heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and tumors, will become the foci or thorny problems of research in modern medicine, and in comparison with the treatment and control of bacteriological diseases, modern medicine still seems feeble and impotent in dealing with diseases caused by viruses.

Traditional Chinese medicine puts great emphasis on “Treatment in advance of disease” and “Guard against a disease before it comes”. Earlyin the ancient Classic of Internal Medicine it was pointed out that “a master physician gives treatment prior to the appearance of illness”, which means that a brilliant physician is skilled in taking precautionary measures and making arrangements for treating an illness before it occurs or before it has become grave, so that the disorder is placed under control before it bursts out, or before it has become apparent.

The gist of the so-called “treatment in advance of disease” is no more than reinforcement of immunization, i.e. the strengthening of the ability of an organism to resist illness.  This has a threefold implication: (1) increasing the physical endurance of the organism; (2) raising its resistance to diseases; (3) eliminating a disease, slowing down the progress of the disease or taking the progress under control.



[Pharmacological analysis]

Modern pharmacological research has proved that reinforcing immunity is an outstanding function of ginseng, but for quite a long time in the past the


Holisticare Pharmacological Analysis

study of ginseng was concentrated on its root, bristles, leaves and stems; inadequate attention was paid to the “fruit of ginseng’---the very quintessence of the ginseng family.  Ginseng blossoms in the fourth year since planting and bears fruit 7-9 months later by gathering all of the essences of the root and the stem.  Research has discovered that the total content of saponin and sapogenin in the ginseng fruit is equal to four times that in the ginseng root and stem, and the contents of ginseng di-alcohols, tri-alcohols and olivanic acid are also obviously higher than those of the root and the stem.  What is surprising is that the content of the chief effective constituent, i.e. Re saponin monomer, is so high as to be 30 times that of the root and the stem.  All those important constituents mentioned above have a remarkable regulating effect on the immunity of the organism.
[The product and its superiority]
The Holisticare capsule is made by using the ginseng fruit as the raw material, of which the portions rich in saponin are chosen for the purpose.  Through more than ten years of clinical employment of holistic treatment it has been found that this product is reliable in effect for treating senility diseases, endocrine diseases and diseases of the immune system, for which it has won a high reputation. This product has passed a clinical experiment of great creditability, which was carried out in multiple centers with the patients undergoing the experiment chosen at random and with both the patients and the manufacturer of the product kept in ignorance. The experiment has proved the truthfulness of the following:
1. Regulation of immunization:
A. Elderly people will have their serum levels of immunoglobulin IgG, IgA and IgM manifestly raised after taking Holisticare for a period, and middle-aged people will also experience a notable improvement in respect to the levels of IgG and IgA after taking the capsules.  It is worthy of note that the changes mentioned above in regard to middle-aged and elderly people’s serum immunoglobulin levels are all limited to normal ranges of the human body.  Administration of Holisticare will cause the serum immunoglobulin level to rise but never to exceed the limit.  This distinguishes Holisticare from any exogenous immunity-regulating agent.  Holisticare can raise an organism’s immunity but does not strengthen the answering reaction to a call for excessive immunization and, so, will not cause harm to the organism.
B. Systemic lupus erythematosus is a disease which has an autoimmune mechanism and is caused by disturbances in the immunization of cells and body fluids.  After taking Holisticare the patients will have an obvious elevation in cell immunity and in the phagocytic performance of the neutral cells.  The patients’ clinical manifestations will also improve to various degrees.
This shows that Holisticare have a beneficial immunity- regulating effect whether for aged and decrepit organisms or for patients of autoimmunity.(remedies)

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