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Natural Care For Diabetes With Hyperlipid


Treatment of diabetes mellitus has for its purpose the control of blood sugar so as to make it approach as near as possible the normal level and further on

Holisticare Capsule For Holistic Healing Remedies


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the reduction of incidence and development of various complications, both acute and chronic, whereby the life quality of the patients might be raised.  Since type 2 diabetes mellitus is often seen in middle-aged and elderly people and, so, with protruding complications, the prevention and treatment of complications seem all the more difficult to tackle.
Holisticare (in capsules) can effectively prevent and cure diabetes mellitus and its complications.  A summing-up and analysis of relevant literature of late years concerning clinical applications of Holisticare in China has been made, of which a part of the summaries of the therapeutic effects of that product is given hereunder for your reference.
(Note: All the patients mentioned below conform with the diagnostic criteria of diabetes mellitus of WHO 1999.)

Summary of clinical therapeutic effects (No.1):

About the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, accompanied with hyperlipidemia:
Diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia have a close relationship with each other in connection with carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism in the human body.  Clinical research discovered that 40% of diabetics are liable to get secondary hyperlipidemia, and hyperlipidemia is an important circumstance leading to pathological changes in blood vessels.  The fact that hyperlipidemia can interfere with the results of treatment of disese of coronary arteries or diabetes mellitus has been demonstrated by medical investigations. Hypertriglyceridemia often comes in company with some other disease that is connected with disturbances in lipid metabolism, and hypercholesterolemia may injure arterial endothelia.  These circumstances will aggravate the principal disease.
1. General data
1.1 Clinical observation of the therapeutic effects of Holisticare in the treatment of 89 cases of type 2 diabetes mellitus accompanied with hyperlipidemia; patients’ average age being 62, triglyceride being 2.5—3.0mmol/L in 38 cases, and l.8—2.5mmol/L in 51 cases.
Treatment group:  58 cases,   by administration of Holisticare 3 times a day, 2 pieces a time
Contrast group:   31 cases,    by administration of Lovastatin 2 times a day, 2 pieces a time
The course of treatment for both groups was 2 months.
1.2 Symptoms shown: The symptoms shown clinically by all patients were:  dizzy and giddy, suffering palpitation, feeling suppressed in the chest, short of strength, thirsty, and having a tingling feeling in the hands.
2. Criteria for judgement of effects of treatment:
 Outstandingly effective: Reduction of triglyceride>40%, reduction of cholesterol>20% and symptoms of diabetes mellitus have abated obviously.
 Effective: Reduction of triglyceride>20%, reduction of cholesterol>10% and symptoms of diabetes mellitus have somewhat lessened.
 Ineffective: The levels required by the criteria have not been reached, and there is no lessening of the symptoms.
3. Result
3.1 Clinical therapeutic effects:
Treatment group 58 cases, Outstandingly effective 18 cases, effective 34 cases, Ineffective 6 cases, the total rate of effectiveness is 90%;
Contrast group 31 cases, Outstandingly effective 5 cases, effective 18 cases, Ineffective 8 cases, the total rate of effectiveness is 74%;


3.2 Reduction of blood fat:
Treatment group 58 cases, fat reduction (4mmol/L - 2.6mmol/L) 9 cases, fat reduction (4mmol/L - 3mmol/L) 30 cases, no reduction 19 cases, the total rate of effectiveness is 67%;
Contrast group 31 cases, fat reduction (4mmol/L - 2.0mmol/L) 17 cases, fat reduction (4mmol/L - 3mmol/L) 9 cases, no reduction 5 cases, the total rate of effectiveness is 83%;
4. Conclusion:   By comparing the effects of the two medicines, it can be seen that Holisticare (in capsules) can reduce blood sugar and blood fat and manifestly improve the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.
Experiments have proved that the total saponin of the ginseng fruit in Holisticare can conspicuously improve the insulin resistance of rats which are being experimented on.  In clinical applications the saponin can improve the blood sugar in a patient of type 2 diabetes mellitus, with definite therapeutic reseults.  What is more, the saponins Re and Rb1 in the ginseng fruit have the effect of reducing the total cholesterol in the blood and also the free cholesterol.
Holisticare were able manifestly to improve the symptoms and bodily signs of diabetic patients in respect to pathological changes in peripheral nerves and show a beneficial effect in elevation of transmission speed of their peripheral nerves.(natural cure for diabetes)

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