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Kiliment for Chronic Viral Hepatitis B



Kilimend (in capsules) Used for 27 Cases of Chronic Viral Hepatitis B Treatment

(Central Hospital of Jinan Municipality,China)
During the period beginning March, 1998 and ending May, 1999, we used Kilimend capsules for 27 cases of chronic viral hepatitis B treatmeny and


Kilimend For Kidney Disease Treatment

achieved a satisfactory hepatitis B treatment result.  We report now as follows
Data and Method: The group of hepatitis B patients concerned consisted of 18 males and 9 females.  Their ages were 27~63, averaging age of these hepatitis B patients is 49.5 years.  There were, among them, 15 cases of chronic active hepatitis, 7 cases of fibrosis, and 5 cases of cirrhosis.  All of these hepatitis B patients conformed with the diagnostic criteria formulated at the National Conference on Viral Hepatitis held in 1984.  Every one of this group of hepatitis B patients had undergone a course of treatment of more than 3 years, his/her HbsAg having been persistently positive, serum albumin having lowered, and γ-globulin elevated.  The hepatitis B patients were requested to take orally Kilimend capsules at 0.5g a time, 3 times a day. 
Three months of continual administration constituted one course. During the period of administration of Kilimend, there were in each month assays of serum HbsAg, A/G, GPT, TTT, investigations by protein electrophoresis, and examinations of the liver on ultrasonic equipment.
 (1) Outstandingly  effective:  Symptoms of hepatitis B disappeared; bodily signs, hepatic functions, and showings on ultrasonic equipment all became normal. There were 7 such instances in this hepatitis B treatemnt group.
(2) Effective:  The condition of illness of hepatitis B had turned manifestly better, but of the four items mentioned above one item had not become completely normal.  In this treatment group there were 13 such instances.
(3) Having made some progress: The illness of hepatitis B had become better, but there was no manifest evidence.  In this hepatitis B treatment group there were 2 such instances.
(4) Ineffective: The illness neither improved nor worsened after three months of medication.  In this treatment group there were 5 such instances.  The total rate of effectiveness was 81.48%.
Among these hepatitis B patients there had been 9 cases of abnormal GPT, of which 5 after medication returned to normality, 2 hepatitis B patients manifestly improved and 2 hepatitis B patients showed no improvement, bringing about a total rate of effectiveness of 77.78%. 
Again, there had been 7 cases of abnormal A/G, of which, after medication, 3 hepatitis B patients returned to normality (42.86%), 2 hepatitis B patients made manifest improvement (28.58%), and 2 were ineffective (28.58%), making a total effectiveness rate of 71.44%.
Kilimend (in capsules) is made of a fungus isolated from the “winter-worm summer-herb” gathered from thickets on the Sichuan-Tibet plateau. The fungus is subjected to a process of purification, cultivation and manufacture by biological engineering technology. The medicine so obtained contains cordycepin, cordyceps-polysaccharide, ergosterol, mannitol, 19 amino acids and a number of trace elements, such as zinc, manganese and calcium, and, therefore, is closely similar to the natural “winter-worm summer-herb” in chemical constituents, experimental pharmacology, and clinical effects. The result obtained with this group of hepatitis B patients has demonstrated that Kilimend can manifestly improve hepatic functions, has a conspicuous effect in raising the albumin level and is capable of improving γ-globulin.  It has also a two-way regulatory effect on the humoral-immunity index of the human body.
In our view, this medicine is good in therapeutic effects of hepatitis B treatment, safe and convenient in applications, remarkable in respect to endurance, and suitable especially to patients of chronic active hepatitis. What is particularly notable is its ability to regulate protein metabolism and put right the A/G inversion.

In the treatment of hepatitis, traditional Chinese medicine takes resolution of heat toxin as the focal point of work in the early stage.  Therefore, Spearlor may be administered for a certain length of time (one month).  The traditional practitioners generally consider the treatment of hepatitis a two-sided task, by no means confined to the liver, but with regulation of the patient’s splenetic and gastric functions also indispensable. For this reason, administration of Livermend, Inwarmer and Salubry is necessary to take at the same time.   Kilimend may be added when the patient’s condition has stabilized. Kilimend and Salubry may be used for a long time


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