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Livermend Chinese Herb For Liver Treatment

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Livermend Chinese Herb For Liver Treatment

A healthy state of the liver is of the utmost importance to the proper functioning of the entire human body.  For this reason, scholars of traditional Chinese medicine honor the liver with the title of “Generalissimo’.  They entertain the view that the liver is charged with the responsibility of directing and expediting the flow of blood as well as its storage, and that the efficacy of its performance is manifested principally in three respects: regulation of the emotional state, promotion of digestion and assimilation, and maintenance of the operations of vital energy, blood and salivary fluids.
Livermend contains as its main ingredients the following herbal medicinals: fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, root of red-rooted salvia, root of membranous milk vetch, Sophora flavescens, tuber of multiflower knotweed, Chinese narrow-leafed polygala, and root-tuber of aromatic turmeric.  Its main functions are to clear the body of heat and toxic substances, to upgrade the quality of the blood, and to guard the liver and reduce GPT if necessary.  It helps nourish the heart blood and produce thereby an efficacious calming effect, by which the person taking Livermend is made clear-headed and peacefully well in heart.
Fruit of Chinese magnoliavine: has an obvious sedative effect, can increase the detoxicating power of the liver, can supplement nutrition to the myocardium and improve its functioning, and has the effect of dispelling phlegm and calming down the cough.
Sophora flavescence can clear the body of heat and dampness, can dispel wind (when wind is pathogenic) and remove toxins, and manifestly inhibits a number of viruses and bacteria.
Root of red-rooted salvia:  serves as a heart-blood tonic with the effect of activating the blood and calming the heart; can strengthen the force of contraction of the myocardium, upgrade the functioning of the heart, and improve the microcirculations in the liver.
Processed tuber of multiflower knotweed:  tonifies the liver and the kidneys, fosters the generation of blood and the essence of life, and restores the black color to hoary hair.
Chinese narrow-leafed polygala and root-tuber of aromatic turmeric: used to treat palpitation, amnesia, nocturnal emission, insomnia, and cough accompanied with copious expectoration; reduce depression by strengthening the flow of vital energy.
Root of membranous milk vetch:  improves general health and reinforces the performance of bodily functions, can prevent decrease of hepatic glycogen; serves to regulate blood sugar, and improves the functioning of the heart.

People who are befitted to take Livermend:

1 Those whose hepatic function is abnormal or who are subhealthy (for healthy liver).
2 Those who are addicted to alcohol or who are attempting to withdraw from alcoholism
3 Those who are susceptible to anxiety and irascibility, who are often  dizzy and who feel the head swelling or aching, and those who have insomnia or are disturbed by too much dreaming
4 Those who suffer from depression, who worry too much, and who feel stuffed in the chest
6 Those who cough with copious expectoration.
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