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Male Enhancement Herbs History

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Male Enhancement Herbs History

In the long history of China up to the beginning of the 20th century there have been many dynasties, which rose and fell one after another. The officials of each dynasty generally spoke to the reigning emperor or said anything to other people about him by using the title of"Ten thousand years of life", while most other members of the royal family, including the queen and the emperor's mother, could only be addressed or referred to as"One thousand years of life". This usage or imperative rule showed how egoistic the emperors were and how much they emphasized good health and longevity. In contrast to the hereditary rulers of most other countries, each emperor of past China kept harems in which lived countless consorts and concubines. One would wonder how the emperors were able to have the libido to deal with so many females.

With regard to this question, it is noteworthy that a number of emperors of China failed to realize their wish to have a long life coupled with extensive sexual gratification. For instance, the famous emperor of the Tang dynasty, named Li Shimin, who unified China and distinguished himself by being reverently called Heavenly Khan by many other Asian rulers, wished to find the way to increase libido and longevity. He sent a pious Buddhist monk to India for this purpose. The monk stayed in India for more than ten years and returned with the Buddhist scripture but no elixir of life. Nevertheless, the accomplishment of this Buddhist mission came to be considered a historic event in China and became the basis of the world-famous Chinese novel entitled Pilgrimage to the West, the fantastic stories of which fascinated people and were used as the themes of numerous cartoons and TV programs. As for the emperor, he died at the age of 50, perhaps harmed by the magical pellets which the alchemists had provided him with to increase his libido.

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Traditional Chinese medical practitioners hold the view that the human body is an organic whole, that a local change which is a disorder can affect the entire body while a pathological change in the whole body can be reflected as a local phenomenon, and that, therefore, although the pathological essence of the change that is involved in the disease is hidden inside there must be a certain symptom or more than one symptom reflected outside.

How could a long life and a strong libido be acquired at the same time? Emperors of later ages called upon medical scholars instead of alchemists to solve
Male Enhancement Herbs History

this problem. The court physicians researched incessantly to seek for the most efficacious medicinal means that might achieve this dual aim. They put forward many herbal male enhancement recipes for prolongation of life and libido. The medicines or herbs for male enhancement prepared according to these recipes were experimented on many men and the results carefully recorded and compared. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that the court physicians worked very hard, for their very life depended on the success of their effort. The recipes for ensuring longevity and male enhancement became excellent in effect in the 17th century near the end of the Ming dynasty. With the establishment of the Qing dynasty still greater attention was paid to the improvement of recipes for imperial use in heightening male enhancement, increasing libido and strengthening the body.

SANLIDA, the Golden Cordycepin(Cordyceps)/Ginseng Capsules-the chief and mainstay product of the Company, is not only an embodiment of China's ancient court recipes of herbs for male enhancement which helped to increase libido and strengthen men's body, but also an improvement on them. Besides the effect of libido increase, it has the merit of elevating immunity against diseases, for which it is perhaps particularly valuable.


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