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PA-Renewal Cleansing Powder


Gently Cleansing the skin is the first step in skin protection. Purging the skin surface of dirt, grease and excess keratin will open the breathing channels to facilitate the absorption of the cosmetics that follow closely behind, so as to ensure the return of the skin to its healthy state.

PA-Renewal Cleansing Powder 
is rich in natural active ferments---natural, cereal ferments, which can gently carry away residues of skin metabolism and old, timeworn keratinous layers; and natural ferments found in fruits, which can dissolve extraneous dirt, grease, proteins and residues of facial makeup. Natural active ferments, combining with foams, can thoroughly clean pores and skin surfaces, making the skin exhaustively free of impediments.

The glycyrrhizic acid and the grape seeds
have anti-inflammatory and pressure-relieving effects; the ginkgo and the synthetic vitamins can repair skin, contract pores, improve uneven surfaces and make a shabby skin brand-new; The gingko progesterone and the trace elements manganese, molybdenum, etc. which the gingko leaf (not the edible fruit gingko) contains have the power to block the formation and deposition of pigments in the layer of skin called dermis, curb the growth of the dark pigment melanin, and thereby attain the aim of making the skin beautifully white and effecting the fading of color spots on it. The gingko progesterone also acts as the scavenger of free radicals. It can protect the cells of the dermis, improve blood circulation and prevent the skin from wrinkling as a result of oxidation of its cells.

While the nanometer silicon is a thin protective film, which can level those portions of the keratinous layer that have bumps and holes so as to make the skin flat and smooth.

PA-Renewal Cleansing Powder
goes deep into the skin to remove and eject dirt, softens the keratin, and speedily improves the ability of the skin to conserve moisture, thus merging in one product the capability of cleansing the skin, making it beautifully white, and keeping it smooth and dewy.
Having cleaned yourself with this cleasing powder you will feel your skin refreshed and relaxed without even a hint of being dusky. Your skin will always be smooth and moist. It is also a best natural oil facial cleanser.
Microcrystalline cellulose, Maltodextrin, Corn starch, Magnesium silicate, Qryza sativa(rice)bran, Qryza sativa(rice)starch, Sodium cocoylisethionate, Sodium laurylsufate, Papain 300, Bearberry extract, Licorice extract, Grapefruit extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Allantion, Tea tree oil, Zinc PCA, Titanium dioxde, Methylparaben

Method of application:
Therapeutic application: For cleaning the skin surrounding the cut, or wound, after performance of an operation for washing off the exuded fluid (proteins) of the wound and also the old, timeworn keratinous layer so as to speed up the healing of the wound.
B.Routine application: Take an appropriate amount of the powder, add water to it and knead the mixture so as foams appear. Wash the whole face evenly for l minute to enable the ferments to produce effect and then wash the face clean with clear water. Apply on a skin that exudes oil twice a day and on a skin that is dry and sensitive once a day (for a male, maybe at the time when he is shaving)

 Suitable for: any skin, a skin with uneven color, a skin which exudes oil, a skin which has blackheads, or a skin afflicted by blisters


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