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Cosmeceuticals Antiaging Series


Hong Kong SANLIDA International Healthcare Products Company embraces the idea of improving her customers’ health by delivering to them only

Cosmeceuticals Antiaging Series

products of the highest quality.  The Company strives to offer to females healthcare cosmetics that are most suitable to (or for) their constitutions and skins.  For this reason, the Company is introducing to every female in the world who loves beauty best skin care products-Cosmeceuticals bio Living series produced by Panion & BF Biotech Inc. in order not only to keep her appearance from fading but also to make it more charming and healthy.

In combining the knowledge accumulated during decades of dermatological research with the experience gained from partnerships with world-renowned cosmetics companies, Panion & BF Biotech focuses on developing medical-grade active constituents and highly effective formulations.  With the constant implementation of new technologies and the continual introduction of new skin care products, that company’s innovative policy has given birth to a series of cosmeceutical products that meet the highest international standards.  At present that company is committed to upholding a level of product quality second to none in the world and playing a leading role in the industry of Taiwan---not the primitive city of 60 years ago but as it is today.

By uniting feminine beautification with modern cosmetology and by giving full consideration to females’ constitutions and the phenomena encountered in the aging of their skins, that company has meticulously designed profound prescriptions, which merge the essences of efficacious ingredients that reappear with the aid of modern exact technology as the foremost products in the world arena of Cosmeceuticals.

Each of the skin care products of the bio LIVING series contains an assortment of effective essences unique in relative proportions.  If the cosmeceuticals are selected and used reasonably, they can meet the demands of females of different age groups and different skin characteristics for preservation or for repairs of their skins.  These new-designed cosmeceuticals will supply the nuclear “motive power” to your skin by penetrating deep into its dermis layer for the purpose of revivifying its youthful strength and bringing to you almost immediately a betterment of skin quality, which is so obvious that you will certainly not fail to perceive it.

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