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ZC-Lightening Repair Spray


Lack of humidity causes the skin to be dry and coarse, deficient in luster and elasticity, and inadequate for giving a viewer the impression of transparency.

ZC-Lightening Repair Spray

Inevitably will come wrinkles and creases which, though minute, betoken the phenomenon of skin aging. It is absolutely necessary to supply “dynamic” humidity to the thirsty skin so that the circulation of life-giving water in it might go on.

ZC-Lightening Repair Spray  is best moisturizing lotion which contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B1, B5, B6 and many other moisturizing factors, arbutin, vitamin B3, mulberry extract and other beauty and white-color conferring factors. They can bring to the skin the hoped-for effect of moisturizing, beauty and whiteness.  Zinc and the Epithelium-renewing oil can repair any damaged tissue and accelerate the healing of wounds, thus providing the skin with nourishment in coordination with the vitamins. The extracts of licorice, mulberry and aloe have a calming effect, relieving the skin of the discomfort it may feel.
The hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight (two million and one hundred thousand) in this moisturizing lotion was honored with a US patent (No. 5583120).  A general moisturizing product of this kind can push into a skin the hyaluronic acid of a molecular weight of 5,000-8,000 at most.  Although the higher the molecular weight the hyaluronic acid has the greater its moisturizing power is, yet its ability to penetrate the skin lowers conspicuously with the increase of its mass.  Nevertheless, the patented achievement of high science and technology can succeed in making the hyaluronic acid of a molecular weight as high as 2.10 million enter into the skin, thus raising by a big margin the long-term power of moisturizing, the high speed of penetration and the possibility of pulling up to the skin surface in the twinkle of an eye.

Bearberry glycoside (arbutin) is a natural active substance of green plant origin. It can infiltrate into the skin and block the formation of melanin, a dark pigment found in the skin, and through its own direct combination with complex amino acid enzymes accelerate its decomposition and excretion, thereby reducing pigment sedimentation in the skin and getting rid of color spots and freckles. Moreover, it is completely safe and has no toxic side effects at all on melanin cells.


Aqua, Propylene glycol, Morus alba(Mulberry)root extract, Licorice extract, Aloe barbadensis extract, Thiamine Nitrate, Nicotinamide, Pyridoxine HCl, Panthenol, Hyaluronic acid, Zinc chloride, Arbutin.

Method of application:


Therapeutic application:  After a micro-cut surgical operation (e.g. a laser or intense pulse light operation) to be sprayed direct on the wound, it being capable of diminishing inflammation and accelerating healing of the wound and also preventing the skin from returning to the state of having a dark hue. (The effect of diminishing inflammation and the reddening of skin may be improved by having this product placed in a refrigerator for some time.)
Routine application: To be used in the morning and in the evening every day, placed at a distance of 15-20 cm from the face, with the spraying carried out uniformly over the whole face and the skin patted gently afterwards.  Please close your eyes when this is being done.  The spraying may be done several times a day.
Application after basking in the sunshine:  If there is some discomfort felt by the skin after basking in sunshine (itching or reddening), the whole face may be sprayed on uniformly or this moisturizing lotion  may be spread in a wet state on the face (better after refrigeration).

Spraying a little ZC-Lightening Repair Spray on your face immediately after you have washed it with Cleanser will make you feel that not only is your skin further free of dirt, more full of moisture and increasingly resplendent with the joy of comfort but your whole appearance has also become much more charming and attractive with greater resilience of body and skin as if there is living water flowing in all your cells.
 Suitable for: any skin, a skin with uneven color, a skin which exudes oil, a skin which has blackheads, or a skin afflicted by blisters


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