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Kinetin Revitalizing Eye Cream For Dark Circles


Pressure of work and lack of sleep have made the eyes dry and lusterless, the rims dark and livid, the tiny wrinkles at the corners more and more conspicuous, and the upper eyelids droopy. It is imperative to take better care of them.

Kinetin Revitalizing Eye Cream For dark circles

The KR-Kinetin Revitalizing Eye Cream is an answer to this call for an all-round solution to the aging problem of the eye periphery. It is also a type of anti wrinkle eye cream especially made to treat the area around the eyes, lessening the dark circles around them and minimizing the appearance of eye bags.  Kinetin and Vitamin A acid (Tretinoin) have been shown by clinical practice to be the only two substances in the world that can effectively upgrade skin quality, make the skin firm and compact, and eliminate gross wrinkles and fine creases, but kinetin does not have the side effect of tretinoin. It distinguishes itself by being able to promote the normalization of regeneration of keratinous cells and of the mother cells of fibers, restoring to a skin its youthful appearance.  It is mild in nature and non-stimulative.  It can effectively reduce fine creases, but in doing so it does not depend on peeling off any keratin.


Coenzyme Q10 can effectively strengthen from deep inside outward the functions of cells, promote the renovation of the skin surface by itself, reinforce the skin elasticity and fortify its natural construction.Kinetin in this Eye Cream, in coordination with the coenzyme Q10, can repair the layer of weblike dermis structure on the periphery of the eye and smooth the tiny eye wrinkles.

At the same time, for effectively eliminating free radicals and melanin, use is made of Vitamin E, green-tea extract, chamomile extract, and mulberry extract. They can ameliorate peripheral circulations and remove or lessen the intensity of dark circles around the eyes.They can effectively promote regeneration of the skin during the night, conduces particularly to the elimination of swollen eyes in the morning and disappearance of the eye bags.These plant extracts make the cream as organic and hypo-allergenic as possible.So the anti wrinkle eye cream can avoid sensitive reactions around these areas such as redness, stinging sensations and itchiness. Unlike other type of creams, anti wrinkle eye cream contain no irritants since they are used in areas close to the eyes.


Main Ingredients:

Kinetin0.05%、Coenzyme Q10、Vitamin E 、Green tea extract、Chamomile extract、Centella Asiatica、Mulberry extract


Method of application:


This product can be used jointly with other essences according to the condition of the skin concerned, so as to redouble the good effect.

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