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Revitalizing Firm Essence for Skin


How to make your skin seem very tender and smooth in people's eyes? How to remove the creases and wrinkles? And how to improve skin elasticity and make your skin more resilient and pliable at the same time?

Revitalizing Firm Essence for Skin

DMAE100-Revitalizing Firm Essence is a rare anti-aging substance that enables the skin to resist the wear and tear of time with unparalleled efficacy because of the growth-stimulating power of the cells of deep-ocean creatures, fatigue-resisting agents, exceptional trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity.
1.The DMAE of this product is a constituent of the muscle of salmon, in which it is used for nerve transmission.  It is a very precious material for skin protection. In cosmeceutical manufacture, DMAE is the forerunner of acetylcholine (ACH), which is the transmission factor between nerve endings and muscle cells.  Its function consists in strengthening the muscular tautness of nerves and tightening by this means the skin that has become loose and pendent.  At the same time, it produces the effect of making the skin compact or remoulding the face.  Therefore, it can protect and maintain at depths and with constancy the activities of bundles of muscle in various zones underlying the facial skin, warding off the phenomenon of facial slackening, collapsing and changing in shape.  What is more, DMAE can also produce an antioxidation effect on cell membranes, preventing the appearance of disk-like color spots and senile plaques on the face.

2.Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is the most powerful antioxidant in the product. It performs a dual antioxidizing function (both as water-soluble and as oil-soluble).  Therefore, Alpha Lipoic Acid can sweep off the free radicals in the intracellular fluid (as water-soluble), in the extracellular fluid (as water-soluble) and on the cell membranes (as oil-soluble) simultaneously by catalytic reactions.  Alpha Lipoic Acid has the effect of protecting the cell membranes both from inside and from outside, resisting the aging process, and forestalling the formation of disk-like color spots and senile plaques.

3.Urea can strengthen the power of the effective constituents (DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid  and HA) in penetrating skins so that these effective constituents can reach direct the bottom layers of a skin to make sure that the skin will not be dry, will not peel off and will always have the feeling of being moist and comfortable.


4.Re-epithelialization Oil from Egg-Oil: This oil can make the regenerative capacity of skin cells rise and improve skin elasticity at a redoubling rate.

Thanks to the many valuable constituents that make it up, the DMAE100-Revitalizing Firm Essence endows the skin with ample amounts of nutrition and collagen, promotes microcirculations among the cells of the face, speedily restores integrity to any impaired cellular membranes, resists the damage caused the skin by the “inexorable” passage of time, increases skin elasticity and tension, smooth out creases and wrinkles and forms a protective membrane on the skin surface to prevent moisture from being dissipated. The product gives a noble and nice feeling in your hand. Your countenance, being always soft and smooth as silk, white as milk, moist and lustrous, will inspire people with love and admiration.
Purified water, Propylene glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Urea, Hydroxyethyl urea, Sodium hyaluronate, Alpha lipoic acid, 2-Dimethylaminoethanol, Hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, Methyl paraben, Re-epithelialization Oil from Egg-Oil 
Method of application:
Therapeutic application:  The phenomenon of a skin becoming firm and compact can be observed at high speed in this application.
Routine application:  To be made in the morning and in the evening after the skin has been cleaned. An appropriate amount of the oil is to be taken and applied to the whole face until it is absorbed.  The phenomenon of the skin becoming firm and compact will be obvious after continual applications.  The Essence for Revitalizing Skin Firmness may be mixed with it and used together.

Suitable for:  aged skin; a slackening and collapsing face; a face with wrinkles, whether furrows or creases; or a skin which might be considered over-mature.

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