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Painless Stop Smoking Herbal Liquid


An enormous amount of research work has proved that people who are addicted to smoking have acetylcholine of a certain concentration in their blood and that a person who is an addicted smoker will feel fidgety and fretful whenever the blood acetylcholine content becomes lower than the adequate level. The desire to smoke will arise by that time. This is the real cause of smoking, which is in itself a delightful act, turning into an abominable addiction. Therefore, in order to rid oneself of the habit of smoking or at least to bring under control one's amount of daily smoking, it is necessary to use some scientific method to block the formation in one's body of acetylcholine and reduce step by step its concentration. Only by restoring the concentration of acetylcholine to its normal level can the aim of abstaining from smoking be achieved in a true sense.

Quick-Quit Smoking liquid, is one of  painless herbal quit smoking products for facilitating complete or partial withdrawal from smoking, is based on a prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for the therapeutic purpose of "cleansing the lungs" and "purging the body of toxins". It is highly efficacious in regard to promoting abstention from smoking: one of  brand-new quit smoking  products in the field of health care, made from more than thirty herbs meticulously chosen from the immense number of traditional Chinese medicinals of plant origin. By virtue of a certain substance, an "acid glucoside", which is specific to it, this fluid for facilitating withdrawal from smoking decomposes nicotine and other harmful substances in the body and in the tobacco.

This product can speedily bring the blood sugar in the human body to the proper level and restore the body's acid-base equilibrium, thereby eliminating the withdrawal syndrome. In the process of conducting clinical experiments on 1,000 patients, it was found that the overall rate of effectiveness reached 99%, that this product shows effect in one minute, reduces by half the force of addiction within three days, and achieves perfect withdrawal in six days. A common smoker can be sure of success if he/she persists in using the fluid for one course (6 days). In the case of a heavy smoker determined to get rid of the habit of smoking, he/she needs to use this fluid for one more course in order to get a thoroughgoing effect. On the mainland of China the sale of this product has surpassed 1, 000, 000 pieces. The rate of success in achieving withdrawal is 99.5%; the ratio of consumers asking to have their money back for poor effect is 0%; and the ratio of customers lodging any complaint is likewise 0%.

The principle underlying of this product  for effecting withdrawal from smoking is by means of blocking the formation in one's body of acetylcholine and reducing step by step its concentration and through decomposition of nicotine in the human body so as to cause the body to be independent of nicotine and the person to reach his/her aim of withdrawing from smoking.

[Chief Raw Materials]
Houttuynia cordata(called the "fish-smell herb" in Chinese, used widely as the mainstay medicinal for curing lung diseases), peppermint(for curing sore throat), honeysuckle(for eliminating excess internal heat), milkwort(for improving memory and thinking power), and aster(for curing productive cough).

[Method of use]
One of liquid quit smoking products used for effecting prompt withdrawal from smoking. It is contained in a small conveniently-shaped bottle. For application, you need only let two or three drops of it fall onto the cigarette filter-tip and, upon proper permeation, light the cigarette. Then, at the same time as you leisurely smoke you enter into the painless process of gradual withdrawal from smoking. You will soon get completely free from the addiction.

Special features :
1.The prescription seems strange, but the curative effect is conspicuous. The product is mildly fragrant and wonderfully cool in the mouth. It can cleanse the body of nicotine in 6 days. At the same time, it brings the blood sugar back to the normal level and restores the acid-base equilibrium. It eliminates the withdrawal syndrome and makes relapse impossible.

2.It has the remarkable healthcare effect of allaying inflammation, soothing the pharynx, stopping cough and reducing phlegm. It is said that it can erase traces of grease left by cigarette smoke on the walls of the lungs. As for relieving asthma and alleviating bronchitis it has also an important role to play.

3.It is made entirely from natural plants and does not contain any chemical component. It has no toxic side effect and is, therefore, a healthcare product of excellent quality.

A person's 6-day experience of withdrawing from smoking
On the 1st day 5-9 cigarettes With the liquid being inhaled, the urge to smoke gradually becomes not so strong as before and there is a taste of peppermint in the mouth;
On the 2nd day 4-6 cigarettes A craving to smoke arises occasionally, but it is easily overcome, and the amount of smoking is reduced.
On the 3rd day 3-5 cigarettes Lungs are moist. The throat is no longer dry and itchy. It seems refreshed. There is less need to cough and to smoke a cigarette.
On the 4th day 2-4 cigarettes The desire to smoke continues to weaken. Tobacco smell begins to annoy. Confidence in withdrawal from smoking is greatly increased.
On the 5th day 1-3 cigarettes There is a decrease in the amount of  liquid used. The physiological attachment to tobacco is disappearing, and smoking is no longer pleasurable.
On the 6th day 0-3 cigarettes The smell of tobacco begins to cause discomfort. Living without smoking is becoming a habit.


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