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FAQs/The ways of trying Quik-Quit


1.Question: Does one bottle of Quick-Quit suffice for a person's withdrawal from smoking, no matter how strong or how long the addiction is?
Answer: Most people need only use one bottle of Quick-Quit to free themselves from addiction to smoking. Some individuals may not achieve complete success by using only one bottle, but for each of them will not exact the consumption of so many cigarettes a day as before and the taste of smoking will become quite bland, showing that the effort so far made has brought about some result and it should be persisted in. Generally speaking, up to the time when the addiction is finally banished two or three bottlees at most will be used.

2.Question: Is this product harmful to the human body? It is said that there are individuals who feel some discomfort after using it.
Answer: This product has no toxicity for the human body, nor any side effect. But owing to differences in individuals' constitutions, a few people may have uncomfortable reactions to it. In such cases, the use may be suspended (or the quantity appropriately reduced), to be continued when the normal condition returns.

3.Question: I feel refreshed and cool after using one bottle of Quick-Quit. I don't cough any more. But I am still prone to smoke. What shall I do?
Answer: This shows that the product has been quite effective. What you should do is buy another bottle of it and use it with dosage of the fluid properly increased.

4.Question: sometimes in the process of withdrawal from smoking I feel disinclined to drip the Quick-Quit fluid as is required. What shall I do?
Answer: You are forbidden, in the process of withdrawal from smoking, ever to smoke a cigarette which doesn't contain the Quick-Quit fluid, your withdrawal effort would otherwise be not very effective; it might even become a failure. Therefore, you must be firm in your determination to quit smoking and never relax in this effort of yours until it ends in a success---eradication of your addiction.

Dear Customer:
Welcome to join the ranks of withdrawers from smoking. From now on you will be far away from tobacco poison, marching towards good health.
Please make a firm determination for withdrawal from smoking and choose from the following table a plan which is most suitable for you. Don't deceive yourself and other people if you are trying to quit smoking .


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