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Herbal Stop Smoking Liquid Distinguishes from Drugs


Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid distinguishes itself in the following ways

1.In prescription
Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid is based on traditional Chinese dietetic therapy, which lays stress on the principle of decoction for making herbal soups and

extraction of essences. The prescription of Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid uses more than thirty precious pure natural plants, such as ginseng, aster and polygala-root, whereas those common old-fashioned drugs for facilitating withdrawal from smoking have ingredients that are mostly not pure natural plants.

2.In the effect of withdrawal from smoking
Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid makes it possible for you to withdraw from smoking at the same time as you smoke. This is, moreover, your ultimate, successful endeavour to win divorce from tobacco. The effect will show itself in no time; it will be long-enduring, without toxicity and side effects, and marvelous for triumphing over the tenacious addiction. In contrast, after the seemingly successful ending of an anti-smoking campaign waged with the help of an old-fashioned drug for withdrawal from smoking, the smoking habit will relapse very soon.

3.In the underlying principle against addiction to smoking
Through the action of its medicinal ingredients, the Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid fluid stimulates the oral sensory nerves, changes the intrinsic nature of tobacco, and eliminates such harmful substances in the body as nicotine and tar, rendering insipid the taste of smoking and reducing gradually the smoker’s psychological and physiological dependence on nicotine. Continued application of this fluid will engender in the smoker a repugnance to cigarettes, inducing him not only to give up smoking but also to show aversion of people smoking nearby, thus facilitating realization of the ideal that the whole population abstains from smoking. In the past, there were two categories of products for withdrawal from smoking. Products of one category cause headache, nausea, and discomfort of the entire body, producing in the person who is attempting to get rid of the habit of smoking the wrong psychological effect of a desire to avert the drug instead of the cigarettes; Products of the other category constitute no less than a replacement of nicotine in the body of the smoker, causing him to feel satiated with the drug as if with nicotine, thus the person will stop smoking for a short spell of time, only to resume doing so again when the drug ceases to be used.

4.In ease of use
For applying Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid, it is necessary only to shake the phial and drip the fluid on the filter tip of the cigarette. The cigarette may be lighted and smoked when the fluid has permeated into the tip. When you go about with a pack of cigarettes, don’t forget to carry a phial with the pack. As Quick-Quit Smoking Liquid has basically solved an intractable social problem of health and environment protection, it has been recommended by the Smoking and Health Association of China as the product of first choice for withdrawal from smoking.

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