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Spearlor Medication For Acne

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Spearlor Medication For Acne

According to traditional Chinese medicine, skin is a mirror of the five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys) and the occurrence of acne is closely connected with all the internal organs of the human body.  Although acne grows on the surface of skin, it is bound up in all respects with maladjustment of functions of organs inside the body.  Acne is a chronic skin disease which occurs in sebaceous glands opening into hair follicles.  The causes of acne are variegated, of which the most important one, in the view of traditional Chinese medical practitioners, is linked to “internal heat”, which gives rise to acne during puberty.

[Superiority of the product]

The herbal medicines generally used for treating acne unmentionable concentrate their objective, as a rule, on quenching internal heat, to the neglect of efforts to foster body-fluids and make up for vital deficiencies.  In contrast to all of them, the Spearlor stresses rallying the forces inside to provide sustenance to the outside, seeking a permanent cure as well as a temporary solution, devoting particular care to finding the exact drug for the illness, adhering to the dialectical method of making diagnosis and giving treatment on the basis of an overall analysis of the illness and the patient’s condition, and centering attention on nursing in addition to balanced therapy. The target put forward saliently is “Replenishment of deficient vital energy and blood, to be done as urgently as relieving the heat and quenching the fever; while fostering fluids of the body to moisten what is dry inside should be carried out at the same time as nourishing the face to improve the appearance and moisten the skin.”  In two weeks since administration of the tablets, the symptoms will have manifestly improved.  The reddening and swelling will have diminished obviously.  Even for a patient who has been ill for a comparatively long time and whose condition is quite serious, a satisfactory therapeutic effect can be achieved at the end of one or two courses of treatment.  This product is safe and reliable.  It does not contain any hormone and has no toxic or side effect.

[Pharmacological analysis]

Spearlor has the following constituents:  honeysuckle, dandelion, Chinese angelica tail, glutinous rehmannia, bark of the cork tree, rhubarb (alcohol fried), condensed powder of the buffalo’s horn, powder of the antelope’s horn, root of the northern lady bell, root of large-flowered skullcap, unpeeled root of herbaceous peony, pearl layer powder, etc., totaling 15 ingredients. All these medicinals are put in joint use as constituents of one drug to achieve the effect of relieving the internal heat and quenching the fever, making proper adjustment of the vital energy and the blood, providing sustenance to the fluids of the body, moistening what is dry inside, and improving the person’s looks with better nourishment, whereby the skin is made to imbibe moisture properly.


Pearl layer powder:  For nourishing the face to achieve good looks and moistening the skin.
Root of northern lady bell, unpeeled bark of herbaceous peony, Chinese angelica tail, and root of Zhejiang figwort: For fostering the body fluids, moistening what is dry, nourishing the blood, promoting flow of the vital energy, and harmonizing the vital energy and the blood.
Honeysuckle and dandelion: For relieving the heat and quenching the fever.
Root of Zhejiang figwort, unpeeled bark of herbaceous peony, and dried rhizome of rehmannia:  For relieving heat and cooling the blood

Modern medical experiments have also proved that Spearlor has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria of six genera which cause skin inflammation
and acne, particularly the staphylococci aureus and the hemolytic streptococci B, on which the inhibitory effect is very strong.  Besides, this product has also an analgesic effect.
[Clinical reports]
Evaluation of the therapeutic effect at the end of continual administration for 6 weeks:
1.Administration of Spearlor alone:  In the clinical experiments conducted in 8 hospitals in China on 1318 cases (of which 658 were of male patients and 660 female) the total rate of effectiveness of Spearlor was 72.5%, of which the rate of complete healing was 18.5% and that of apparent healing was 37.8%.
2.Administration of Spearlor jointly with Metronidazolum:  In this experiment 128 acne patients took Spearlor simultaneously with Metronidazolum tablets, the Metronidazolum tablets being administered l tablet a time, 3 times a day.  The total rate of effectiveness was 79.7%, of which the rate of complete healing was 30.5% and the rate of apparent healing was 49.2%.  The rate of recrudescence was 3.5%.  Administration of the medicine for the second time still had effect.
1.A patient should abstain from smoking and drinking and from eating peppery, greasy and fish-smelling food.
2.A patient should avoid squeezing or pressing the lesions and should keep the face in a hygienic condition.
3.Children, senescent or debilitated people, diabetics or patients of other diseases should take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.
4.If there is no alleviation of the symptoms in 2 weeks since the beginning of the medication, the patient should go to a hospital for treatment.
[Method of administration and dosage]Oral,2- 4 capsules a time, 3 times a day.  Suitable for eliminating the acne on a young person’s face (known by the vulgar name of acne unmentionable) and for healing eczema and skin inflammation.  Four weeks make one course of treatment.
[Contraindication]  Pregnancy
Note: This product is just suitable for people who has acne caused by substantial fires,the clinical manifestations are: in the majority of cases are manifested as high fevers, heavy sweating, and propensity to fly into a temper; or feeling the mouth dry, and haunted by the excretion of dry and hardened stool.

Not suitabe for people who has deficiency fires,the clinical manifestations  are  hands and feet lacking warmth , body prone to sweat on all occasions, stool being very wet and shapeless;or having seminal emissions at night, often with dreams.The people who has acne caused by deficiency fires can take Inwarmer in the morning and at noon,take Toniyin at night. 

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