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Acne-Acarid Eraser Natural Treatment

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Acne-Acarid Eraser

[Effects] diminishes inflammation, extirpates mites, kills bacteria, enters direct by permeation with conspicuous results; can suppress sebum secretion, clear away excess sebum, dissolve keratin emboli, remove old and dead skin, eradicate whiteheads and blackheads, accomplish permanent contraction of pores, improve rough skin pores; and exerts a miraculous influence on acne hidden, acne rosacea and acariasis-dermatitis.
[Ingredients] tree peony root bark, Chinese gromwell, peppermint, unpeeled root of herbaceous peony, and skin promoter
[Suitability] for acne hidden, whiteheads, blackheads, gross pores, and acne rosacea
[Usage] spread it on the afflicted spots after washing the face, two times a day or as needed .

Modern science has proved that the part of cause of acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, is infection of the skin with inflammation caused by the man-infesting mite, or acarid, and the dermatitis thus caused is called generally by the term acariasis. As the type of the acarid and the time of infection vary from one case to another, the symptoms may also vary from one individual patient to another. This is the reason why there is even now no uniformity in the naming of the symptoms. As a matter of fact, the etiology is always one and the same.

Acne Treatment

The mite is a parasite, which needs to inhabit a site on the skin where temperature and humidity are suitable for its multiplication and where there is an abundance of sebaceous glands. A newborn baby does not have sebaceous glands that are in a developed state. At that time, even though it has got infected with mites, there is no place on its skin favorable for their vigorous growth and teeming multiplication. As the baby gradually grows, its sebaceous glands become ripe by and by and the mites start multiplying by increasing numbers. The acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, begins to make its appearance. This is the reason why adolescents are apt to have points like pimples on their faces.
The Acne-Acarid Eraser has a marvelous capacity for wiping out the mites and eradicating the acne. The feedback given by many customers is that the good effect appear in successful cases in two days and that, generally speaking, the effect is achieved in a week with very rare recrudescence.

In seeking natural treatment of acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence, acne rosacea or whatever other disease that may be troubling us what we most fervently hope for is not just some transient effect but a cure without relapse in the future. For treating acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence and acne roascea, there are currently on the market quite a lot of drugs. These drugs can suppress to some degree the first batch of mites. However, when the ova of these mites have hatched out, a young generation of mites will come. These young mites will have developed a resistance to the drugs that have been used on the older generation. Since mites reproduce offspring at the speed of one generation per 15-20 days, the drugs commonly used for treating acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence, and acne rosacea have comparatively obvious effect only during the first 15 days. When this period of 15 days is over, the effect will become impalpable. Whatever effect that still remains will completely disappear at the end of the first month. The acne we wished to get rid of when we bought the drug will be rampant again. This is the reason why you may be grievously disappointed with the drug you are using.

If the drug the doctor prescribed for you has not cured you of acne vulgaris, this very fact proves that your acne vulgaris is not the result of disorder in your endocrine secretion. It may be said that the doctor made the diagnosis under the influence of young people’s psychological desire to attribute this ailment to something connected with their sex hormone.

An expert would give you the caution: Too much emphasis placed by a young person on the regulation of endocrine secretions during the treatment of acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, comedo and acne rosacea will give rise to many unforeseeable risks to their health.

The Acne-Acarid Eraser will not only show effect very soon but also tend to make highly improbable any future recurrence of acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence, or acne rosacea now being suffered by the patient. The reason is that owing to extermination of the mites on the skin by this series of natural products there is no longer any possibility that they will thrive there again, and acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence and acne rosacea will certainly not recur if the patient pays sufficient attention to personal hygiene and demolish all circumstances and conditions conducive to the growth of mites.


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