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Best Acne Scar Removal Cream

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Easy Repair Cream is a liquid milk which does not contain any oil.

Constituents and Effects:

Porous high-molecular oil-adsorbent polymer:

It has long-lasting effect in adsorbing skin oil and controlling the secretion of oil.

Vitamin A acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid:

Based on a cocktail combination of four substances, this milk has the effect of gently removing the old, outworn keratinous layer, promoting the birth of collagen and resilient proteins, warding off the scars, and restoring fineness and smoothness to the skin

Allantoin, azulene flower, liquorice and Hydrocotyl:

They have antibacterial and wound-healing effect and can eradicate skin inflammation, banishing the swelling and the pain.

Natural water-dissolved zinc 0.25% and antibacterial natural water-dissolved copper 0.25%:

They regulate the secretion of oil, eliminate inflammation, and are clean with not a trace of grease.

Vitamin A acid, aloin and zinc:

They accelerate the healing of the wounds and leave no scar after the wounds have healed up.

Special features of the product:

Best Acne Scar Removal Cream

1.It cures of blackheads and blisters on the face and prevents their occurrence.
2.It makes the newborn skin fine and smooth without any scar left on it.
3.It makes pores contract so that the skin has no longer an oily appearance.
4.It is clean, and it keeps moisture. It can be used as the protecting and conserving cream on a face ready to receive a makeup, serving as a grounding from which the makeup is not apt to fall off.
Suitable for use on oily skin. It is to be applied in the morning and in the evening every day to the face, which needs to be cleaned first.

Acne vulgaris can produce acne scar. As it is a skin disease it may leave traces on the skin, but not all traces are serious enough to be called acne scar or scars. Moreover, some of the traces can be warded off during the time of treatment. The acne scar, if they do occur, are of two categories.

 Acne Scar Removal    Acne Scar Removal Treatment

I.Temporary acne scar
Red traces, called red specks, may appear on the skin. They are no other than blood-vessel dilatations resulting from the inflammation caused by acne vulgaris. Being temporary in nature, they may not be viewed as acne scar left by the acne and will disappear gradually in 4-6 months. Pigmentary deposits that come in the wake of inflammation entailed by the acne may cause the skin to look darker. This change in color will likewise disappear with time. Such temporary acne scar as red specks and pigmentary deposits may be made to accelerate their disappearance by wiping with an ointment which is against melanin, by resorting to some skill called skin change which is realized with the help of tartaric acid, or by administration of vitamin C.

II.Permanent acne scar
Some cases of acne vulgaris may leave permanent traces, in forms such as bumps and cavities. Cavities are seen most often. If the acne inflammation injures too much of the collagen of the derma layer the skin may fall inward, leaving behind cavities, which will not disappear with the passage of time.
The vestiges that acne vulgaris may leave on a person’s skin, whether temporary or permanent, will probably induce that person to lose confidence in his/her work, in his/her pursuit of love and in his/her understanding of the meaning of life. The adverse influence on his/her well-being and future development may be very serious. Research conducted in this connection has shown that patients of acne vulgaris are apt to have the following manifestations: being not in line with society, having little self-respect and self-confidence, often leaving people with a bad impression, being awkward with people, showing oneself as dismayed, angry or frustrated, being more probably out of work than an ordinary person. The conclusion to be drawn from what has been said above is that a patient of acne vulgaris may probably give up impassively the opportunity of winning in work, study, love, etc.

Therefore, the rational plan for curing acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, and acne rosacea is: Extirpate mites, eliminate the inflammation, speedily repair the injured epithelium cells by means of the Easy Repair Cream, promote blood circulation, effectively remove ecchymoses, improve coarase and aged skin, and contract the pores.


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