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In the view of traditional Chinese medical scholars acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, and acne rosacea are caused by disorder in endocrine secretions

Acne Treatment HK Sanlida

and by excessive internal heat. In treating acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, and acne rosacea measures should be taken to reduce internal heat and regulate endocrine secretions. However, for hundreds of years, these measures failed to cure patients of acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris ---a skin disease on the face which generally occurs after puberty, at an age when people are sensitive about their appearance. It was the same case of failure with patients of acne rosacea, which is an embarrassing and often humiliating disease.

Medical scholars of the Western school considered these diseases to be androgenic. The patients were said to have excessively strong secretion of androgens but lack trace elements in their bodies. They called people’s attention to the fact that eunuchs were spared of such ailments. Treatment of these diseases in the past was, therefore, based on suppression of androgen secretion and increase of quantities of trace elements in the diet.


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The use of these two measures for the treatment of acne vulgaris and acne rosacea became almost a tradition in medicine, but they were only temporarily effective for a small number of patients. Acne vulgaris and acne rosacea generally broke out on each patient again and again, causing the patient great suffering. To the medical profession, both traditional Chinese and modern Western, this became the Gordian knot. Some professionals even said that acne rosacea and acne vulgaris are carcinoma with no prognosis of death. Such speech caused the patient to lose confidence in treatment and to miss the opportunities favorable for their cure, so that “carcinoma with no prognosis of death” became a reality at last.

Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disease of hair follicles and the sebaceous gland.  It is brought about by
1. Excessive secretion of grease by the sebaceous gland (This is connected with the increase of activity of the endocrine androgen.)
2. Blockade of pores (This is connected with the abnormal proliferation and keratinization of cells at the orifices of hair follicles.)
3. Bacterial infection  (breeding of Propionibacteria of acne vulgaris and infection caused by them)
4. Reactions of the body to the inflammation   (reflecting the degree of severity of the acne symptom of inflammation)
When acne blackheads accumulate and gradually increase in number, they are apt
(1) to cause anaerobic bacteria, i.e. Propionibacteria of acne vulgaris, to multiply and
(2) to oxidize easily and produce fatty acid, which damages sebaceous ducts. 
This will cause the sebaceous ducts to crack with the result that such symptoms as the skin becoming red and swollen, becoming inflamed, having stinging pain and generating pus will appear, making other people, as well as the patient, bored and dismayed.
If the sebaceous duct cracks at the lower-half part, the skin will show red dots on its surface, which cause great pain and bear the name of papules.  If the sebaceous duct cracks at the upper-half part, the skin surface will show festering spots, which are called pustules.
What remained inexplicable for a long time was why there were so many people who had long passed adolescence still had their faces covered with acne blackheads.  Through incessant research and clinical practice, modern medicine has found out that those people who are afflicted by acne vulgaris are actually suffering from a kind of skin inflammation called acariasis caused by a parasite on man, namely the acarid.

In order to achieve the definite and positive effect desired, the treatment of acne vulgaris must be carried out as an integral process.
Therefore, the correct flow chart for domestic nursing of a patient of acne vulgaris is as follows when use the acne products:
Take Chinese alternative medicine. Thoroughly clean the skin. Get rid of the inflammation. Exterminate the mites, which are the acarids. Control the secretion of grease.  Conserve and repair the skin.
If customers adopt the acne products of our recommendation and have the nursing of the acne patient done at home according to the flow chart shown above, we are sure that every one of them will achieve the best result in the shortest period: Elimination of the old, waste keratin and the sealing keratin of great adhesive strength at the orifices of pores, promotion of metabolism, expulsion of the blocking blackhead particles and grease, eradication of the acarids, restoration of the growth cycle of young skin and the self-renewing energy of collagen fibers, strengthening of the natural power of humidity conservation, repair of skin impaired by acne scars, and restoration to the skin of its fine and smooth texture.



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