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Easy Oil Control Lipquid

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 Easy Oil Control Liquid a balancing fluid specifically designed for use on facial skin which is oily and is afflicted by blisters. This fluid has a remarkable effect in clearing away blackheads.

Constituents and Effects:

Natural water-dissolved zinc 0.25% and antibacterial water-dissolved copper 0.25%:

capable of regulating the secretion of oil and eliminating inflammation.

Vitamin A acid: for accelerating the healing-up of blister-caused  wound without leaving behind any scar.
Vitamin B3 2%:

 for reducing the reddening and swelling of skin due to inflammation and for preventing blockade of pores.

Essence of liquorice:

for suppressing bacteria, effecting the healing-up and eliminating the skin inflammation, which is accompanied by swelling and pain.

Special features of the product:

easy oil control liquid

1.Regulation of the secretion of oil
2.Elimination of inflammation with subsidence of reddening, swelling and pain
3.Contraction of pores so as to make the skin smooth and fine
4.Regulation of the size of multitude of the bacteria on the skin surface
5.The newly generated skin being fine and smooth with no scar at all
Suitable for use specifically on young skin which is prone to exude oil and have eruptions of blisters.
Method of application: to be used every morning and evening after the face has been cleaned, in an appropriate quantity smeared on the oily skin for the purpose of serving as a balancing fluid.
Pathogenesis and Causes of Cystic Acne:
1.Human skin has an excretory function.If a person stays up late in the night, catches a cold, lives under a heavy life burden or emotional stress or is, in the case of a female, in the menstrual period, his (her) constitution will be comparatively weak. At that time the skin immunity will become lower, leading straight to a chaos in the performance of the excretory function with the result that the dead mites cannot be smoothly excreted from the human body. The piling up of dead mites under the skin will inevitably give rise to inflammation on the face, causing an outbreak or exacerbation of blackheads, whiteheads, etc. If a female does not pay due attention to personal hygiene during her menstrual period she will suffer not only aggravation of acnes on her face but also infection of hidden parts of the body and her affliction may be some gynecological diseases, or may be classed as such though it is no more than acariasis caused by the lowering of immunity during the menstrual period.

Acne Treatment   Acne oil control Treatment 2.The true pathogenesis and causes of cystic acne and other various types of acne is inflammation. It has no direct connection with food and drink. But there is an indirect relationship between the diet and the skin infection of all parts of the body. The longtime stay of mites and bacterial on the face of a person gives excitation not only to the skin of that person's face but also to the skin of his/her hidden parts. There may be no manifestation of this fact until some pungent food or drink is taken. The stimulative ingredient of the food or the alcohol will dissolve in the blood, causing the symptom to become manifest or to be exacerbated. Thus cystic acnes make their appearance on a person's face. On other parts of the body, likewise, the symptoms, chiefly inflammation, will also be made manifest or aggravated by drinking alcohol and eating peppery foods.

3.Infection with acarids and bacterial  can be transmitted through physical contact (for example, sitting cheek by cheek with each other, sharing a towel, and touching each other or touching oneself on parts of the body other than the face). Therefore, if acne vulgaris is not controlled in time or the treatment is not proper, the common acne may turn into cystic acne when one happens to be in a state of low skin immunity. It is deplorable that the patient often has mistaken ideas about the origin of his/her affliction. Of all the physical contacts that may bring about the grave form the probability of cross infection due to contacts with parents and other members of the family runs as high as about 90%. This is why many people held the view that acne vulgaris and acne rosacea are hereditary diseases.
Besides eliminating acne hidden, blackheads, whiteheads and acne rosacea, Easy Oil Control Lipquid can enhance the immunity of the skin, making the skin soft, smooth and healthy.
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