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Femegain For Breast Enhancement

Femegain For Breast Enhancement

It is the dream of every female of the world to have a young and beautiful appearance and a pair of full and round breasts.
Femegain is the ideal tonic of females and the natural breast enhancement.  Its main ingredients are: root of kudzu vine, Chinese flowering quince, Chinese yam, root of membranous milk vetch, donkey-hide gelatin, and cow-herb seed. This prescription is a full array of the requisite superior medicinals. It can meet the need for preservation of health and beauty of females of different age groups.
Speaking theoretically from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the development of breasts and the question whether or not they are full and round are connected with the level of sufficiency or inadequacy of the body’s blood and vital energy. The chief merit of Femegain consists in its ability to make all the channels and collaterals in the breast free for passage, to replenish the human body with blood and vital energy, and to convey blood, vital energy and nourishment to the breasts by means of targeting technology.  Thus as a natural breast enhancement product, Femegain can not only promote the development of the common breasts but also restore substance and firmness to breasts that have fallen flat or even caved in.The effect of natural breast enhancement can be seen in 2 weeks.  Moreover, Femegain can help to regulate and nourish the body, postpone  arrival of the climacteric, resist the aging process and beautify the skin. If a woman takes this product shortly after childbirth, she will have plentiful freely-flowing milk.

The effects of the respective ingredients are as follows:

The root of Kudzu vine (Pueraria)/ contains a number of efficacious ingredients, of which the Puerarian flavone can give great help to females by making their breasts full and round and by preserving their young and healthful looks.  This beautifying and breasts health-preserving effect is especially evident in females of middle age or around the climacteric.  


Puerarin is the essence of the precious traditional Chinese medicinal material which is called “root of kudzu vine”.Analysis of clinical and experimental data has shown that at present puerarin isoflavon is the kind of phytoestrogen that is most similar in molecular structure to the estrogens secreted by the human body and is, therefore, most compatible to the estrogen receptors of organs of various systems of the body, giving very good effects. In comparison with other drugs for regulating a female’s endocrine secretions, puerarin isoflavone has the peculiar advantages of enjoying a priority in combining with the receptors of the physical estrogens and being gentle and mild in the regulating action. Its effects include also resistance to carcinoma, prevention of arteriosclerosis and amelioration of osteoporosis.

Chinese yam contains phytoestrogen and, as an important ingredient, the yam saponin, which is a precurser of the synthesis of female hormones and has the effects of enriching the body fluids, strengthening the power of functional performance, and enhancing metabolism.  Besides, Chinese yam can also make the spleen and the stomach healthier.
Root of membranous milk vetch and donkey-hide gelatin can make abundant replenishment of vital energy and blood.  Moreover, donkey-hide gelatin is rich in collagen.
Cowherb seed and Chinese flowering quince both have the effects of promoting menstrual discharge and promoting lactation.  Chinese flowering quince is rich in proteinase.
Attention: More care should be taken about administration during pregnancy.

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