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Aegiseme for Dysmenorrhea and Ovarian Cysts

Aegiseme for Dysmenorrhea and Ovarian Cysts

Generally speaking, gynecological diseases fall into two groups.  One group consists of bacterial infectious diseases, for which treatment by antibiotics is very good in effect and in which, as a field, Western medicine is very strong; the other group consists of diseases induced by disorders in endocrine secretions, such as blood coagulation, menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), ovarian cysts, hysteromyoma and endometriosis. For the treatment of which Western medicine resorts to hormones or surgery, with obesity, hirsutism and osteoporosis usually occurring as side effects. This kind of disease, however, can be safely and effectively handled by traditional Chinese medicine.  Aegiseme is a modern herbal medicine designed specifically for treating disorders in a woman’s endocrine secretions

[Superiority of the product]

Aegiseme is made according to a modern prescription which is derived from an ancient one designed by a famous medical scholar of the Han Dynasty named Zhang Zhongjing. The prescription used for producing Aegiseme is, therefore, the modern version of the classic prescription in China for treating gynecological diseases.
In contemporary medical work of China, Aegiseme is widely used for therapeutic purposes in gynecology, obstetrics, mastology and urology. The concrete applications may be stated as follows:
In gynecology:   for elimination of hysteromyomas (particularly one or more minute myomas between muscular walls in the uterus); for elimination of lumps as in pelvic inflammation; treating blood resulting from functional bleeding due to irregular peeling of the endometrium; for ovarian cysts treatment; cure for menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea); and for endometriosis treatment
In obstetrics:    for elimination of continual slight intermittent postpartum bleeding; puerperal urinary retention treatment; treatment of eccyesis; for cure of habitual abortions; treating bleeding after artificial abortion; and for treatment of abdominal pain after placement of a contraceptive ring
In mastology:     cure of abnormal growth of lobuli mammae
A clinical experiment for testing the effectiveness of this product in treating the gynecological diseases (ovarian cysts, menstrual cramps, etc) mentioned above showed that of the total number of cases included in the experiment 96% achieved success at the end of the therapy.  Since this product is a pure herbal medicine, it has no unfavorable influence on the normal performance of a woman’s physiological functions, as is usually the case.  Nor has it been found to have any side effect.
On the one hand, this medicine can be taken for as long as is required by the course of treatment, and on the other, its area of application may be widened to include blood coagulation and suchlike other diseases, which do not pertain to gynecology.  For example, it may be used for treatment or supplementary treatment of chronic prostatitis, hypertrophy of the prostate, and alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.
Aegiseme  is made with extra care by means of advanced technology, which has overcome a shortcoming of traditional Chinese medicaments, namely lack of perfect uniformity in quality.  It is, therefore, reputed to be reliable in achieving a good therapeutic effect besides being convenient in administration.
[Pharmacological analysis]
Aegiseme is a herbal product of numerous ingredients, of which the main ones are cassia twigs, fuling, peach kernel and root of herbaceous peony.  It is concise in medicinal composition, with ingredients complementary to each other.  The characteristic features of its therapy are: invigorating blood circulation and eliminating stasis; easing pain and resisting inflammation.  This product can regulate blood stream variations, lower blood viscosity, inhibit platelet congregation, promote blood flow, dispel coagulums, and suppress proliferation of tissues at the focus of disease.  It has evidently an inhibiting effect on peripheral pain and central pain, and likewise an inhibiting effect on acute, subacute and chronic inflammation.  Moreover, it can adjust the immunity of body fluids and of cells so that the self-defence of the body itself is strengthened.


Pharmacological effects Effective ingredients Effects
Cassia twigs Aegiseme ingredient

Cassia twigs

cassia oil and cassia aldehyde relief of smooth-muscle cramps; resistance to bacteria and viruses; diuresis; antianaphylaxis
Fuling Aegiseme ingredient


fuling triterpene diuresis, resistance to bacteria; resistance to tumors; sedation; promotion of lactation; elevation of immunity
Herbaceous peony Aegiseme ingredient

Herbaceous peony

herbaceous peony glycoside Relief of smooth-muscle cramps; resistance to inflammation; sedation
Peach kernel Aegiseme ingredient

Peach kernel

bitter almond glycoside

inhibition of blood coagulation and thrombosis; resistance to inflammation; promotion of postpartum contraction of uterus;stopping of bleeding;easing of pain; resistance to tumors

Administration and dosage: oral, 3 times a day, 1-2 caplets each time, taken after a meal, and to be interrupted during menstruation. One course of (menstrual cramps) treatment lasts 3 months or as directed by the doctor.
Occasionally there may be some discomfort or dull pain in the stomach, which will disappear upon ceasing of administration.
This medicine is not to be taken during pregnancy unless directed otherwise by the doctor.

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