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Antialcohol Wonder Series-Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Antialcoholic Wonder series
Alcohol is a neurotropic substance and also a narcotic. Drinking a large quantity of alcohol even for once can produce acute poisoning. Although it is possible to recover completely from acute alcohol poisoning if it occurs only once, long-term repeated drinking may cause pathological changes to appear in the person in body and in spirit, producing chronic alcohol poisoning.

Dependence on alcohol (chronic alcohol poisoning) means that the patient's central nervous system has been seriously poisoned as a result of excessive drinking over a long period of time. It is manifested as a thirsty demand for alcohol and a constant compulsive need to experience the ingestion of alcohol. Owing to prolonged use of alcohol, the patient often has a combination of bodily disorders, which are evident in his heart, liver, and nervous system. The most often seen disorders are cirrhosis of the liver, degenerations of the peripheral nervous system, and epileptic seizures. Some patients may show mental disturbances or encephalopathy, both from alcohol poisoning.

Research in genetics has discovered that some people are genetically predisposed to become dependent on alcohol and that alcohol metabolism is performed principally through the action of ethanol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. A person in whom the activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is comparatively low would feel somewhat uncomfortable if he/she should drink a little alcohol. Therefore, such a person has no inclination to drink profusely and it will be very hard for him/her to develop any degree of alcohol dependence.

The unique treatment for alcohol  poisoning product in China:
Antialcoholic Wonder series, which has been granted the State Invention Patent of China, is an efficacious medicine for treatment of alcoholism and alcohol poisoning treatment. It has ingredients of pure plant origin and can accomplish on a patient of alcohol dependence resulting from longtime drinking or a patient of accumulated alcohol poisoning the remarkable treatment purpose of ridding him/her of the addiction.

By reducing the activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the patient's body, this medicine can relieve the patient of his/her strong thirst for alcohol in a short time, clear away the accumulated alcohol poison in the body, and treat the various complications at the same time as it banishes the alcoholic addiction. It will repair the viscera and other organs of the body which have been harmed by alcohol, such as the liver and the brain nerves, restoring the injured viscera and other organs to their normal physiological functioning. In addition, it clears the liver and facilitates bile flow, strengthens the spleen and keeps the stomach from being adversely influenced. It is sedative and tranquilizing. It has no toxicity nor side effects. An ordinary alcohol dependant shows no marked withdrawal symptom during the period of therapy. The clinical experience of over ten thousand patients testifies to the fact that this medicine can quench forever any undue desire to drink alcohol and help realize total abstinence.

Special features of Antialcoholic Wonder series:
Antialcoholic Wonder series can be decomposed and absorbed speedily by the human body. It will reach all parts of the body by virtue of systemic circulation, i.e. greater circulation, acting direct on tissues of each circulation of the body. Large concentrations of the medicine will gather at the foci of alcoholic deposit and penetrate at high efficiency various membranes of the body so as to be closely united with the cells. The physiological functions of the human body itself, in combination with the active and efficient constituents of the medicine, will be made use of, to activate the metabolism and visceral functions of the body, reinforce speedily the power of absorption of the organism, adjust the working of the cerebrum, strengthen the functioning of the adrenal gland and the pituitary body, repair the central nervous system and the injured viscera, control the activity of ethanol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the body, and get rid of alcohol dependence and all other detrimental factors around the body.

How to take Antialcoholic Wonder series?  
In one course of alcohol poisoning treatment with administration of Antialcohol Wonder series(26 days) an ordinary alcohol dependant will be cured of his/her alcohol poisoning and dependence on alcohol. A patient whose bouts are prolonged and uncontrollable will have his/her dependence on alcohol lightened to a certain degree by taking this medicine for one course. Continuous administration of the medicine for 2-3 courses can cure a tremendous-bout patient completely of his/her dependence on alcohol. Antialcoholic Wonder, the pure traditional Chinese medicinal series, is lasting in its therapeutic effect, and it can form for an alcohol dependant a permanent natural barrier of protection from alcohol by destroying his/her affinity to that beverage, with no relapse forever in the future.

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