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FAQs-Antialcoholic Medication Alternative Treatment

Antialcoholic Wonder series
The Antialcoholic Wonder series is based on neurotherapy of traditional Chinese medicine and made by means of modern biotechnology so that it is endowed with the unique property of being able to perform the dual function of suppressing the absorption of alcohol by the body and excreting the alcohol at accelerated speed from the body. Medicines of this alcoholism treatment series can be easily absorbed because they conform with the dietary custom of the Chinese people and also with the health-preservation view of traditional Chinese medical scholars, which says that "the stomach likes to be warm so that raw and cold food is taboo after the drinking of alcohol." This series can help exhale alcohol out of the body at high speed, clear the liver of the remanants of alcoholic decomposition, and eliminate from the stomach the dregs resulting from the ingestion of alcohol so as to accomplish the purpose of arousing the person from the stupor of drunkenness, protecting his liver, strengthening his stomach, and keeping him in good health, preventing thus his vital energy from being sapped and his constitution from being undermined by drinking.

This is why Antialcoholic Wonder plays a leading role in China in the nationwide campaign against alcoholism. No doubt this medicinal alcoholism treatment wonder can liberate a person in a short spell of time from his heavy dependence on alcohol and make a wholesale cleanup of the accumulated alcoholic poison in the body, with which some of his chronic diseases are aetiologically connected. At the same time as it abolishes alcohol addiction, this medicinal alcoholism treatment wonder can heal some of the harms already done to liver and brain nerves by alcohol. It can rehabilitate the viscera, and make it possible for the person who was enslaved by alcohol to lead again a normal, healthful life.
Antialcoholic Wonder is suitable for the following groups of people with symptoms of alcoholism:

1.People who suffer from endocrinopathy
Those people show themselves as hectic or sickly pale. Although they tend to perspire heavily their skin feels dry most of the time. They have impotence and premature ejaculation.

2.People who are of the inhibited type, i.e.
under excessive self-imposed psychological restraint After drinking, they show themselves as dull and mute, slow in reactions, and prone to murmur to themselves and fall asleep irresistibly.

3.People whose digestive system has been injured.
They generally feel nauseated with food and drink. They often vomit, have a poor appetite, look emaciated, have abdominal pain or distension and loose bowels, which may be due to gastritis or peptic ulcer.

4.People who have made efforts to stop drinking several times.
They generally have drunk 2-5 years and have a craving for alcohol, but their organisms are only slightly impaired.

5.People who have suffered some impairment of their nervous system.
They are generally anxious and restless. They walk a little unsteadily. Their hands and legs are often numb. They may even have hallucinations.

6.People who are of the overexcited type.
They tend to be too proud of their ability and personal achievements. They may even be so egoistic as to shout abuse in the street. They often have insomnia.

7.People who are of the defective cerebrovascular type.
After drinking they often feel fatigued and short of breath. Their diastolic pressure may have risen or fallen inordinately. They may show the symptoms of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, or myocardial infarction.

What should a person pay attention to when he is taking Antialcoholic Wonder?
According to the severity of a person’s addiction to alcohol, he may accomplish physical withdrawal within one or two weeks by simply relying on medicinal therapy. As for psychological withdrawal from the addiction, that varies with the person. The time needed will be 15-60 days generally. It should be noted that during the period immediately after the person became totally abstinent (about 15-20days) he would often be in a bad mood and seem absent-minded. During that period, if stress is not laid on the provision of psychological guidance and the continuation of medicinal treatment, the person may relapse into alcoholism very soon.

Therefore, when a person is withdrawing from dependence on alcohol he should realize first of all that drinking large quantities of alcohol for a long period has posed a serious danger to his health and he must keep in mind the following points:

1. He should not go out riding a bicycle or driving a car because he may have at that time the withdrawal syndrome. He should obtain better nutrition, drink more water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;
2. He should avoid visiting any environment where drinking might be pressed on him or where many of his acquaintances might be indulging in drinking. He should make it a point never to drink again.
3. He should take more vitamins. Because as a result of the action of alcohol on his central nervous system, his nerves may have become deficient in vitamin B1, resulting in abatement of memory, brain impairment which is, though latent perhaps, characterized by diplopia and mental confusion, and in myasthenia or simply unsteady postures. Therefore, the provision of rich nourishment with special emphasis on guarantee of an ample supply of vitamins is of utmost importance to him during the time of his withdrawal from alcoholism.
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