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Antialcoholic Wonder Special Ingredients


Antialcoholic Wonder series plays a leading role in China in the nationwide campaign against alcoholism. No doubt this medicinal wonder can liberate a person in a short spell of time from his heavy dependence on alcohol and make a wholesale cleanup of the accumulated alcoholic poison in the body, with which some of his chronic diseases are aetiologically connected. At the same time as it abolishes alcohol addiction, this medicinal wonder can heal some of the harms already done to liver and brain nerves by alcohol. It can rehabilitate the viscera, and make it possible for the person who was enslaved by alcohol to lead again a normal, healthful life.

Antialcoholic Wonder
Antialcoholic Wonder
Chief Ingredients: Cordycepin, wilsonii, polygala root, tuber of multiflower knotweed, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, Angelica sinesis, and other famous traditional Chinese medicines, totaling more than 30 in number
Functions: relieves internal heat and dispels toxicity, sobers up a person and sharpens his wits, clears the liver and optimizes the flow of bile, nurses the viscera, and abolishes addiction to alcohol
For Treatment of: addiction to alcohol, dependence on alcohol and chronic alcohol poisoning---all due to drinking large quantities of alcohol over a long period of time.
Administration: three times a day, after breakfast, lunch, and supper respectively (Drinking of alcohol is forbidden in the period of taking this medicine.)


Chief Ingredients: root of membranous milk vetch, root of red-rooted salvia, polygala root, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, root-tuber of aromatic turmeric
Functions: improves vitality and facilitates blood circulation, eliminates stasis and promotes passage of vital energy through main and collateral channels of the human body, makes a person sober and well-balanced, brings a person to his senses, and enables a person to withdraw from alcoholism
For Treatment of: addiction to alcohol, dependence on alcohol, chronic alcohol poisoning and ensuing emaciation---all due to drinking large quantities of alcohol over a long period of time
Administration and dosage: three times a day (1-2 caplets each time).

Caution: Oily or pungent foods are to be shunned. In using this medicine, 26 days constitute a course. Good effect will be seen at the end of the first course.
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