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Gui Pills Helps Stomach and Insomnia Problems

Gui Pills HK Sanlida

Gui Pills belong to traditional Chinese medicines that are used very often in China. This drug is known to have the much desired effect of nourishing the heart, strengthening the spleen and stomach, reinforcing vitality and enriching the blood, being made up of 12 medicinal ingredients, i.e. Codonopsis pilosola, Atractylodes macrocephala, root of membranous milk vetch, longan pulp, wild jujube kernel, banksia rose, Chinese angelica, polyga-root, liquorice, the edible fungus fuling, jujube, and ginger.
It is suitable for those people who eat little, often feel fatigued, appear sallow in cheeks, suffer amnesia and insomnia, have palpitation, and bleed in various ways. In recent years, clinical practice and scientific research have found that, in addition to what has been said above, this drug may be used for quite a number of other purposes, which are as follows:

1. Treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer


Gui pills have been used for treatment of 39 cases of gastric and duodenal ulcer. After medication for 3~5 courses, 24 cases, accounting for 87.1% of the total number of cases, ended the treatment successfully with complete healing; 3 cases became quite well, accounting for 7.7% of the total number of cases, and 2 cases ended in failure, accounting for 5.2%. Therefore, the overall rate of effectiveness reached 94.8%. Method of administration: 3 times a day at 15g a time, the pills to be swallowed with boiled and cooled water, with 15 days constituting one course of treatment.

2.Treatment of obstinate insomnia

Gui Pills, with other medicinals added to them, have been used to treat 39 patients who were deficient in both vital energy and blood and who suffered from obstinate insomnia. As a result of the treatment, 32 of them were completely rid of insomnia, 6 began sleeping more soundly than before, but there was one who was still haunted by insomnia. The overall rate of effectiveness was 97%. Method of administration: 3 times a day at 9g a time, with half a month being counted as one course of treatment Generally speaking, 1~2 courses will suffice for recovery from obstinate insomnia.
3. Treatment of chronic purpura with thrombocytopenia specifically for children
There are clinical reports about outstanding successes scored recently by using the prescription of Gui Pills for treating chronic purpura with thrombocytopenia, suffered specifically by children who have deficiency in both vital energy and blood. Method of administration: 3 times a day at 9g a time, with 1 month counted as one course of treatment. Generally speaking, complete cure or obvious improvement can be achieved by 1~2 courses of treatment.
4. Treatment of neurasthenia
 It is reported that a number of cases of neurasthenia characterized by deficiency in both vital energy and blood have been treated with Gui Pills and good results have been achieved in all of them. Method of administration: 2 times a day at 9g a time, with 1 week counted as one course Generally speaking, obvious improvement or complete cure can be achieved in 2 courses. One or two weeks after start of medication, tinnitus, insomnia and weariness will have diminished obviously. According to observations, the therapeutic effect will be better for an illness that runs a comparatively short course than one that has a long course to run.



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