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Inwarmer for Chronic Gastritis Treatment

Chronic Gastritis Treatment Inwarmer

From 2009 up to the present time China has reaped plentiful research fruits in regard to chronic gastritis and has summed up quite a lot of practically useful experience in medication, distinguished by obvious improvement in patients’ symptoms, trivial side effects, great safety and reliability, low rate of recrudescence after recovery, and absence of drug tolerance.  The conclusion reached in wide circles was that traditional Chinese medicine is in a way superior to its Western counterpart.  In the opinion of traditional Chinese medical scholars, the stomach is a major source of blood and vital energy among the internal organs of the body.  If the Yin and Yang of the stomach should be in disharmony, with one winning against the other, then stomachaches will occur, at which time either cold outbalances hot or the two are the other way round; or cold and hot are intermingled haphazardly.  The spleen and the stomach are two internal organs of different categories, being a zang and a fu organ respectively and complementary to each other.  The spleen qi tends upward in its flow, while the stomach qi tends downward.  It is of pivotal importance in the circulation of vital energy through the human body that there is an ascent coupled with a descent.  Therefore, most stomach diseases concern the spleen, and a disorder of the spleen may encroach upon the stomach.  If a person is born feeble or is malnourished in infancy; if he/she is hungry and surfeited alternately too often; if he/she is frequently overtired with work; or if he/she has been ill for so long that his/her healthiness can never be recouped; in all these cases debilitation of the spleen and the stomach will be incurred.  Whenever the spleen Yang is inadequate, endogenous cold will be generated; and whenever the stomach has lost the warmth of nourishment, stomachaches due to debility cold will occur.
The Inwarmer is composed of 12-item medicinals, i.e. codonopsis pilosola, monkshood, root of membranous milk vetch, cinnamon, Chinese yam, saline cistanche,Psoralea corylifolia, rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, Chinese hawthorn, dark plum, fructus amomis, and dried tangerine peel.  The whole prescription is impressive like an array.  The constituents work jointly to accomplish the purpose of replenishing the vital energy, strengthening the spleen, warming the stomach and dispersing cold.  This product can adjust the body’s resistance to illness and raise its immunity, protect and nourish both the spleen and the stomach, promote the flow of vital energy and assuage pain, restore the stomach to health and calefy the inner parts, and warm the stomach to animate the vital energy.  The respective contribution made by each constituent to this general effect is stated below.

  • 1.Codonopsis pilosola recuperates the spleen and enriches the vital energy, while monkshood warms the inner parts of the body, animates the vital energy, disperses cold and assuages pain.  The two of them serve jointly as the monarch among the constituents.
  • 2.The rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, the root of membranous milk vetch, and Chinese yam replenish vital energy, strengthen the spleen, elevate Yang,stop diarrhea, dry the dampness and facilitate the passing of water.
  • 3.Cinnamon, saline cistanche, and Psoralea corylifolia recuperate the kidneys, animate the vital energy, disperse cold, assuage pain, warm the spleen and stop diarrhea.
  • 4.Dried tangerine peel and fructus amomis regulate the flow of vital energy and harmonize the internal organs (i.e. remove obstruction to the flow of vital energy through the spleen and the stomach and reconcile the two flows), warm the stomach and change dampness for the better.
  • 5.Dark plum astringes the intestines and the bowels and stops diarrhea.
  • 6. Chinese hawthorn promotes digestion and eliminates stagnation.

Pharmacological analysis:

The Inwarmer can renovate the mucous membrane of the stomach and resist any injury to be done to the membrane: it has a manifest protective effect on the injured mucous membrane of the stomach and an inhibitory effect on ulceration.

Research has demonstrated that Codonopsis/ pilosola/ can regulate immunity and renovate the mucous membrane of the stomach; and that the root of membranous milk vetch can improve microcirculation; that monkshood has the effect of resisting spirobacilli at the pylorus; and that cinnamon can increase the dynamic force of the stomach, accomplishing a two-way regulation of secretion of acid by the stomach.
Clinical data:
Clinical research has shown that the Inwarmer has an outstanding rate of effectiveness of 66.23% in treating superficial gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis and, by taking as criteria the investigation results of gastroscopy and predictable pathological variations, ascertained the overall clinical rate of effectiveness as 92% and the rate of reverse development towards atrophic gastritis as 17.5%.  According to media reports, application of the Inwarmer to the treatment of peptic ulcers has brought about a reduced overall rate of recrudescence, because it not only inhibits the growth of spirobacilli at the pylorus but can also strengthen the immunity of the organism, reinforce the protective fortification of the mucous membrane and prevent or reduce the possibility of recrudescence of peptic ulcers.

Suitable for:

  • 1.Chronic atrophic gastritis of the stomach-cold type .
  • 2.Chronic gastritis (of the spleen and stomach deficiency-cold type) of which the symptoms are seen as  feeling cold and painful at the epigastrium, losing appetite, being afraid of cold, lacking strength, having abdominal distension and excreting semiliquid feces.
  • 3.Gastralgia of the cold-evil type, often seen during the winter and spring seasons, of which the symptoms are seen as abrupt occurrence of stomachache,which is aggravated by cold weather and alleviated when warmth is encountered, and is accompanied with frequent acid onrushes and belching.
  • 4.Groups of subhealthy people who need replenishment of vital energy, invigoration of the spleen, warming of the stomach and dispersion of cold.

The therapeutic effect achieved for the diseases mentioned above is good as a rule.

Contraindications: gastric hemorrhage; pregnancy

Method of administration: Oral, 1-2 caplets a time, 2 times a day;
                       For acute gastritis, l5 days constitute one course of treatment; for chronic gastritis and for atrophic gastritis 2 months constitute one course of treatment. If administration is to be continued further on, the opinion of a physician should be consulted.

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