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Gastrointestinal Diseases Treatment With Gastility

Gastrointestinal Diseases Treatment With Gastility

The incidence of functional gastrointestinal diseases is very high in the world and has a serious influence on the work and life of individuals who are afflicted with them. Modern medical science holds the view that the occurrence of the major symptoms of these diseases is due principally to delay in the emptying of stomach and intestines and to disorders in the performance of the function of gastrointestinal motions.  It may also be connected with the hormones and neural regulations of the gastrointestinal tract and with psychiatrical factors.
Gastility  is a pure traditional Chinese medicine produced on the basis of a proved recipe of the Mongolian and Tibetan nationalities.  As people of the Mongolian and Tibetan regions take beef and mutton as their principal foods, they often catch diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.  Therefore, they have accumulated, in the course of long history, a rich stock of proved recipes for treating such diseases.  Gastility is based on a recipe chosen from the finest ones among them.  It can bring relief to the stomach and energy to the spleen, remove stagnation and eliminate pileups in the intestines, promote blood flow and produce analgesia, and increase the dynamic force of the stomach.  It is suitable for use in treating functional dyspepsia and constipation with such symptoms as feeling painful or bloated in the stomach, having little appetite, feeling overeaten even after a light meal, belching and regurgitating acid frequently, and feeling one’s abdomen bloated or painful.
Constituent medicinals:  Ginseng, Betelnut, Pharbitis Seed,Compound of glaubersalt and liquorice,Hawthorn,myrobalans.(herbal remedies for constipation)
Their respective functions and merits are outlined below:
1. Compound of glaubersalt and liquorice has the power of loosening a person’s bowels with some force to expel internal heat and toxicity and the effect of breaking up stagnation and pileups in the gastrointestinal tract, while myrobalans, which are the fruits of a tree cultivated in a few regions of China, can speedily bring any diarrhea to a stop.  The joint use of these two medicinals will facilitate quick evacuation of the bowels on the one hand and prevent the occurrence of hyperperistalsis causing diarrhea on the other. .Working together, they will increase the moisture content of the feces and make them soft and easy to pass in bulk through the rectum.
2.Betelnut is analgesic in effect and can calm the troubled stomach and restore energy to the spleen. Betelnut can kill ascaris, so it is good for children.
3. Hawthorn can alleviate anorexia and dyspepsia, relieving the stomach and the abdomen of any chilly and painful sensations. 
4. Pharbitis Seed can facilitate evacuation along the rectum, rid the stomach of the feeling of high temperature and lower the internal heat of the body, while the alkaline flower can inhibit acidity and make the stomach feel comfortable and at ease. Pharbitis Seed can kill ascaris and treat tapeworm disease.

Clinical practice has demonstrated the following facts:
 1. Gastility has a good therapeutic effect in treating functional constipation of old people.  It can manifestly increase the frequency of bowel movements, improve the quality and state of stool, and lessen the difficulty of evacuation. It ensures a comparatively high degree of safety and has enduring effectiveness Two weeks constitute one course of treatment of constipation.  The overall rate of effectiveness is 94%.
 2. This product can obviously make more bearable the main symptoms suffered by a patient of FD, such as epigastric pain, abdominal distension, feeling bloated after a scanty meal and continual hiccupping; remarkably strengthen the electromyogram activities of the stomach; and augment the principal frequency and power of the electrogastrogram--- so as to make the disorderly electrical rhythm of the stomach gradually become normal.  It increases the dynamic force of the stomach, accelerates its emptying, and raises the fasting level of plasma hormone which conduces to the promotion of muscular activities of the stomach.     
 3. In treating diabetic gastroparesis this product has a rate of effectiveness equal to 68.75%, a rate of remarkable improvement equal to 25% and a rate of failure equal to 6.25%.  Therefore, it may be considered an effective medicine for treating gastroparesis entailed by diabetes mellitus.

Method of administration: Oral, each time take half caplet for child between 1-3 years old; each time take 1-2 caplets for adult. 1-2 times a day.(natural constipation treatment)

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