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Toniyin For Spleen and Stomach Treatment

Toniyin For Spleen and Stomach Treatment

Scholars of traditional Chinese medicine are unanimous in the opinion that chronic gastritis (stomach discomfort) is due mostly to the fact that during a long period of time the patient’s desire remained unfulfilled and his ambition was thwarted, drinking and eating went on unrestrained, and work and leisure were unregulated, all leading to stagnation and accumulation of liver qi/,failure of healthful transport by the spleen, plunge of stomach cavity into internal disharmony, and the ultimate deficit in the patient’s long-term vitality, with diverse symptoms ensuing as a result. Clinically, the treatment to be given should be devised dialectically according to the patient’s actual condition.  In this regard, it needs to be noted that chronic gastritis is dialectically considered by traditional Chinese medicine to be of several types, of which “spleen-stomach strength insufficiency” and “liver-stomach disharmony” are the two types most often seen. 

In the case of liver-stomach disharmony (stomach discomfort), the stomach is deprived of its proper nourishment and a case of Yin-deficiency stomachache comes into being.  Traditional Chinese medical scholars advocate “nourishment” as the principal treatment to be given to the stomach and urge that appropriate physical exercise be engaged in by the patient and good nursing be provided him with, that proper attention be paid to the diet and to the suitability of the surrounding temperature, which should neither be cold nor too warm, and that the person should give free rein to his emotion and enjoy life to his heart’s content, combine work and leisure in the right proportion, abstain from smoking and guard against alcoholism.

The Toniyin pertains to tonics of traditional Chinese medicine.  It has as its ingredients 11 medicinals, i.e. sealwort, Codonopsis pilosola, dried tangerine peel, Chinese yam, root of Zhejiang figwort, dark plum, northern lady bell. The medicinals are well coordinated.  They reinforce a person’s vital energy and nourish his body fluid; advance immunity to a high level, foster the addition of moisture so as to enable the stomach to absorb nutrition more efficiently, and at the same time, by regulating the nourishment of spleen and stomach, promote the flow of vital energy for further improvement of digestion.  The respective roles played by the ingredients are given below.

Sealwort is the principal medicinal-ingredient.  It refreshes the spleen and enriches the vital energy; feeds the body fluid and nourishes the stomach; disencumbers spleen and stomach of their weakness and debility, and cures the body of its ever-present fatigue and lack of strength..
Codonopsis/ pilosola/, Chinese yam enrich vital energy and refresh the central internal organs; invigorate the spleen and nourish the stomach.
Northern lady bell relieves internal heat, nourishes body fluid, invigorates the stomach and promotes secretion of more saliva.
Zhejiang figwort nourishes the kidney fluid, detoxifies the bowels and facilitates evacuation.
Dark plum promotes secretion of salivary fluid and quenches thirst.
Dried tangerine peel regulates the flow of vital energy and warms internal organs.


Pharmacological analysis:

In the eyes of ancient Chinese scholars who made research in the field of health preservation, sealwort is a marvellous article, endowed with the power for prolongation of life and attainment of longevity.  There was even a popular saying which went thus: “One will become an immortal by taking sealwort continually.”  So, sealwort is an unusual object, which is a source of both drug and food.
Modern medical research has demonstrated that sealwort contains mucoitin, starch and saccharides and has such effects as strengthening immunity, resisting aging, increasing the endurance for lack of oxygen, resisting fatigue, strengthening metabolism, reducing blood sugar, and serving as a cardiac stimulant.  Besides all these, it can inhibit many bacteria and dermatophytes.
The Toniyin can give nourishment to the stomach in the true sense of the word.  It has, moreover, the effect of protecting the stomach mucous membrane, suppressing infection by harmful microbes, and carrying out enrichment of vital energy, nourishment of stomach and treatment of stomach diseases all at one stroke.  At the same time, it reinforces the power of immunization of the gastrointestinal tract, whereby the organism’s resistance to illness is enhanced.  The net result of all these is:  Both nourishment of the stomach and treatment of the stomach disorder are accomplished, together with elimination of other gastrointestinal maladies.

Suitable for:

* Patients of a stomach disease of the Yin-deficiency type     The symptoms are seen as feeling hot and painful or otherwise discomfortable in the stomach; being disinclined to eat food in spite of hunger; feeling dry and thirsty; and suffering from the necessity of excreting hard feces.
* Patients of chronic atrophic gastritis of dual deficiency in qi and Yin type. The symptoms are seen as the patient’s stomach being discomfortable with internal heat and gastralgia, very poor appetite even if there is a desire to eat, the need to quench thirst with copious drinking of water, and constipation requiring strenuous straining at stool.
Subhealthy people who need to take some tonic to benefit their health, raise their immunity, make additions to their body fluid and nourish the stomach.
[Administration and Dosage]   Orally, 1-2 caplets a time, 2 times a day
[Attention]   Females who are pregnant need to be careful in taking Toniyin.


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