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Viagra Side Effects I Have Known

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When the drug Viagra entered Hong Kong, its name was represented by two Chinese hieroglyphs selected partly by phonetic translation. Whatever the Chinese name may be, its chemical name is always the same: Sildenafil Citrate (in tablets). The warning given by FDA to physicians about using caution in prescribing the drug to certain males shows that there are potential dangers in taking the drug that people do not want knowingly to subject themselves to. These dangers are concerned with the control over blood flow that the drug exercises by means of restraining certain body enzymes, with effects and influences on other parts of the human body.

What are the side effects of Viagra?
1.Impairment of Vision
Viagra tends to impede the flow of blood to optic nerves, with the result that ischemic optic neuropathy will occur. Three men out of each hundred may have transient blurring of vision after taking the drug. A few may even have the illusion of seeing blue light. American pilots are enjoined by aviation authorities against flying within 6 hours after taking Viagra, for the purpose of avoiding flight accidents.

Second Viagra side effects has been discovered in clinical experiments that about 13% of the people who had taken the drug experienced some headache thereafter. In the case of several individuals the pain was quite intense. The intensity of the headache, furthermore, increased with the dosage. There is also the probability that administration of the drug will bring about an unexpected lowering of blood pressure. If this drug is taken with medicines such as nitroglycerine tablets, dizziness and even syncope may occur.

3.Abnormal erection
A man who has urethritis or leukemia will have prolonged erections, with the result that the muscular tissue of his private parts will be hurt and his impotence will be even aggravated.

4.Perpetual impotence
As Viagra is a medicine of alien origin, it causes merely the spongy tissue of the man's genitals to be speedily suffused with blood to effect the erection. It does not touch the root of the disorder, but merely makes an attempt to treat it on the surface. Prolonged administration of it will inevitably engender drug dependency and may even entail perpetual impotence.

5.The possibility of excessive lowering of blood pressure
The taking of Viagra tablets may entail a reduction in blood pressure, which may occur at a time when some other medicine containing glyceryl trinitrate or a nitrate is taking effect. That medicine, which is generally used for treating heart disease, can also reduce blood pressure. The promiscuous administration of Viagra and such medicines may jeopardize a man's life.

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