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Tactics To Improve Sexual Stamina

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Sexual stamina is a man's ability to have long lasting erections that would be satisfactory for both partners.Lower sexual stamina might affect one's ability to have an erection and might cause premature ejaculation.The act and goal of sex (intercourse) in civilized man is not always procreation. It is pleasure.


In the long history of China up to the beginning of the 20th century there have been many dynasties. In contrast to the hereditary rulers of most other countries, each emperor of past China kept harems in which lived countless consorts and concubines.How could a long life and a strong libido be acquired? Taoism in the ancient of China spent a lot of time to study "Sex manual", the ways of sex and how to get more pleasure from sex 、how to increase sexual stamina and keep health at the same time.

"Sex manual" of Taoism includes the skill to hold back his ejaculation, as in Taoist sex, can have sex 2 or 3 times a day and feel very alive and vigorous all the time. Even if he is in his 50s or 60s!

"Sex manual" of Taoism also includes the ways of sexual health preserve,as traditional Chinese medical practitioners attach comparatively great importance to the science of health preservation. They are of the opinion that "the imperative job is to cope with a disease before it occurs."

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, a person's growth and development depend chiefly on maintenance by the kidney (Note that the


singular number is used here.) We often say about a person that he/she has become "old and feeble before his/her time". That means a person's vital energy in the kidney has been exhausted. Therefore, if a person wants to prolong his/her life and enjoy sexual stamina he/she must, on the contrary, make his/her vital energy so abundant as to surpass the normal value. Since ancient time, the way to attain sexual stamina, whether it is in the form of a secret formula or a recipe, starts from taking care of the kidney.

The symptoms of "deficiency of the kidney" in Chinese medicine can be included:
Lowering of concentration, poor male sexuality or impotence, erectile dysfunction, sore waist and feeble legs, anxiety and heat in five internal organs,fear of cold and no warmth in the four limbs, osteoarthrosis, hair loss; Feeling sore in the waist after sexual intercourse and also lacking energy and concentration.


SANLIDA, the Golden Cordyceps/Ginseng Capsules, is not only an embodiment of China's ancient court recipes which helped to increase sexual stamina and strengthen men's body, but also an improvement on them. Besides the effect of increase libido, it has the merit of elevating immunity against diseases, for which it is perhaps particularly valuable. It has the salient effect of strengthening the male reproductive system, improving memory through the repair and regeneration of the brain cells, and enhancing male sexuality and retarding the aging process simultaneously through nurturing the kidneys.

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