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Acne-Acarid Eraser- Cure Acne In Two Days


Acne cures that promise quick, overnight, or miraculous outcomes usually capture the attention of most acne sufferers which are hoping for a fast cure in several days . Every person who is suffering from acne should know the real cause of it and acne is generally placed in one of three classes, mild, moderate or severe. Treating for each level vary significantly.

Acne-Acarid Eraser- Cure Acne In Two Days

Modern science has proved that the real cause of acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, is infection of the skin with inflammation caused by the man-infesting mite, or acarid, and the dermatitis thus caused is called generally by the term acariasis. As the type of the acarid and the time of infection vary from one case to another, the symptoms may also vary from one individual patient to another. This is the reason why there is even now no uniformity in the naming of the symptoms. As a matter of fact, the etiology is always one and the same.

A person gets acne vulgaris through infestation with mites. The mite is a parasite, which needs to inhabit a site on the skin where temperature and humidity are suitable for its multiplication and where there is an abundance of sebaceous glands. A newborn baby does not have sebaceous glands that are in a developed state. At that time, even though it has got infected with mites, there is no place on its skin favorable for their vigorous growth and teeming multiplication. As the baby gradually grows, its sebaceous glands become ripe by and by and the mites start multiplying by increasing numbers. The acne of adolescence, vulgaris, begins to make its appearance. This is the reason why adolescents are apt to have points like pimples on their faces.

Human skin has an excretory function. When it is in a healthy state, it can excrete, or rather, expel a moderate number of dead mites from the body. But if a person stays up late in the night, catches a cold, lives under a heavy life burden or emotional stress or is, in the case of a female, in the menstrual period, his (her) constitution will be comparatively weak. At that time the skin immunity will become lower, leading straight to a chaos in the performance of the excretory function with the result that the dead mites can not be smoothly excreted from the human body. The piling up of dead mites under the skin will inevitably give rise to inflammation on the face, causing an outbreak or exacerbation of blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

Which or what kind of  treatment would you opt for? Here is the Method of Self-diagnosis:

Acariasis is transmitted by cross-infection through touching. On being passed over to a new host as a result of infection the mites stay as parasites first at places, such as nose, forehead and cheeks, where contacts are easily made, temperature and humidity are appropriate for growth and multiplication, and sebaceous glands are abundant, A few of those people who have got thus infected on the face will feel, when perspiring or when sleeping at night, that the nose and cheeks itch slightly. After a short period certain black dots will appear on their faces. These are acarid excretions, which have blocked the pores, effloresced and hardened. By and by, the pores will become rough and the skin will be seborrheic.
Acne-Acarid Eraser

With a plethora of products occupying already dwindling shelf space in most drugstores, picking up the right acne treatment would be like groping for a light switch in the dark. Here we recommend you "Splendor Uprooting Acne Series".

Most especially the Acne-Acarid Eraser, which has a marvelous capacity for wiping out the mites and eradicating the acne. The feedback given by many customers is that the good effect appear in successful cases in 2 days and that, generally speaking, the effect is achieved in several days to a week with very rare recrudescence.

Combination of medicaments:


For common patients: Acne-Acarid Eraser + Rehabilitation Cream

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