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Best Products For Acne


Are you tired of using different products that are not working or just work temporarily? When we talk about acne, only two things come to mind - treatment

Best Products For Acne

of acne and control of acne. Easy to think, hard to know and harder to try.Acne cures that promise quick, overnight, or miraculous outcomes usually capture the attention of most acne sufferers which are hoping for a fast cure.

But the truth is The Doctor and Cosmetics Company still do not know the true cause of Acne:

1.If the drug the doctor prescribed for you has not cured you of acne vulgaris, this very fact proves that your acne vulgaris is not the result of disorder in your endocrine secretion. It may be said that the doctor made the diagnosis under the influence of young people’s psychological desire to attribute this ailment to something connected with their sex hormone.

2.Some Cosmetics companies tell you like that "Acne is very common and medically classified as a skin disease. They are caused by excessive secretion of oily substance called the sebum by sebaceous glands."Acne treatment products are sold by virtually every skin-care company.Many over-the-counter acne treatments contain harsh ingredients like alcohol and menthol that might make the skin "tingle" but don't help clear up acne.Alcohol is needlessly harsh and can actually do more damage by overdrying the skin. Many experts say drying out the skin with harsh products can cause the skin to overcompensate by producing yet more oil, which can cause even more blemishes.


The true cause of acne
 The Chinese medical workers through incessant research and long clinical practice has demonstrated that acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, comedo and acne rosacea have no direct connection with the aforementioned factor, but are caused by the mite, a parasite on the human skin. The various types of dermatitis brought about by infestation of human skin with mites are covered by the general term "acariasis" in modern medicine.

A person gets acne vulgaris through infestation with mites. The mite is a parasite, which needs to inhabit a site on the skin where temperature and humidity are suitable for its multiplication and where there is an abundance of sebaceous glands. A newborn baby does not have sebaceous glands that are in a developed state. At that time, even though it has got infected with mites, there is no place on its skin favorable for their vigorous growth and teeming multiplication. As the baby gradually grows, its sebaceous glands become ripe by and by and the mites start multiplying by increasing numbers. The acne of adolescence, acne vulgaris, begins to make its appearance. This is the reason why adolescents are apt to have points like pimples on their faces.

For treating acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence and acne roascea, there are currently on the market quite a lot of drugs. These drugs can suppress to some degree the first batch of mites. However, when the ova of these mites have hatched out, a young generation of mites will come. These young mites will have developed a resistance to the drugs that have been used on the older generation. Since mites reproduce offspring at the speed of one generation per 15-20 days, the drugs commonly used for treating acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence, and acne rosacea have comparatively obvious effect only during the first 15 days. When this period of 15 days is over, the effect will become impalpable. Whatever effect that still remains will completely disappear at the end of the first month. The acne we wished to get rid of when we bought the drug will be rampant again. This is the reason why you may be grievously disappointed with the drug you are using.

The Splendor Uprooting Acne Series is best acne treatment products from China,hundreds of thousands of people in China have used them, but there has

Uproot Acne Series

not been a single instance of customer complaint.

This series of products can uproot acne rosacea, acne of adolescence, comedo, acne vulgaris, and acne hidden, which are under clothes; repair cicatrices, allay inflammation, soothe sores, stop itching, contract pores and improve seborrheic skin conditions. The effects can be seen in 3-5 days.

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