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Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

According to Geneticists, at birth human beings are endowed with 30,000 active genes. As we age these genes slowly become inactive resulting in a slowing down of bodily functions such as a reduced immunity, slower metabolism, loss of energy and weakened eyesight.

One of the most dynamic aspects of genetic research is the quest to create genetic treatments to slow aging. Late researches in aesthetics concerning the beauty of the female sex have discovered that the question whether a woman's skin looks young or not is determined primarily by genes. As the genes will deteriorate in activation with the passage of time, protection of skin is certainly a difficult task to carry out because of damage to this "substratum"of skin.

The gene-repairing agent of skin is a very important immunologically active constituent of the skin structure. It can activate the division of the keratogenous cells and thereby transform them into healthy keratinous and epithelial cells, thus repairing any injury the epidermis may have suffered. Gene repairing means correcting what is wrong with the mutation alkali base order arrangement of the gene that has caused the disease. It enables the skin cells to divide and multiply normally, returns to them their immunological function and the ability to serve as a natural protective barrier.

 Gene-repairing Exquisite Beauty Cream contains the extract of glossy ganoderma and the growth agents of cells of close consanguinity to the human body, the valuable natural alkanes of the spiny dogfish, and the hydrolytic keratin.

Glossy ganoderma is now popularly called in China the "elixir of life”, chiefly because the polysaccharides, polypeptides, etc. in it have the obvious effect of

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slowing down the aging and debilitating process.
The effect  of this anti wrinkle cream is produced principally by the following mechanisms:

1. Promotion and regulation of the immunologic functions, which can obviously slow down aging for an adult or a senile;

2. Regulation of metabolism to attain a balanced state of it by promoting the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins;

3. Resistance to the action of free radicals; (According to the theory of free radicals, the aging and debilitation of the human body is due to devastation by the free radicals; free radicals are produced in the human body by the reactions of oxidation-reduction going on during metabolism; the greater the number of free radicals so produced is, the more numerous the diseases that the living organism suffers will be and to a greater extent the life expectancy of the organism will diminish.);

4. The polysaccharides of glossy ganoderma can conspicuously promote the synthesis of DNA in the cell nuclei and can also increase the number of generations of cell division, whereby the aging of the organism is slowed down.

The growth agents of cells of close consanguinity to the human body can aim specifically at certain types of skin for making repairs, particularly skin which has been subjected to various kinds of phototherapy. The great variety of growth agents can enter deep into the ground layers of the skin to regulate the growth, division, differentiation, multiplication and migration of cells, to accelerate the repair of injured cells and disturbed structures and to further the high-speed regeneration of cells.

The Gene-repairing Exquisite Beauty Cream, being very fine in texture, can be easily absorbed. It is best anti wrinkle cream that can start all at once in a comprehensive way the regeneration and repair of the cells of all layers of the skin and make a breakthrough in accomplishing the task of repairing the impaired skin. This beauty cream can repair soft and tender skin that has been tainted by color spots, made vulnerable by sensitivity or marred by ultraviolet light. It can promote the birth of cells, tighten loosened skin, remove wrinkles, rebuild an elastic and resilient skin frame, and "revive"the young, dynamic force of your skin. You will be conscious of the improvement in a short time and will be glad to acknowledge that fact as the acme of skin care cosmetics.

[Constituents] essence of glossy ganoderma, spiny dogfish alkanes, hydrolytic keratin, cell growth agents, stearic ester of licorice acid, glycerin, etc.

[Method of application] After applying the Skin-softening Beauty Lotion to the face, take a proper amount of this product by a fingertip and rub it softly on the face and the neck so as to make it fully absorbed by the skin. Then the Super-permeative Plant Essence  is to be used prior to the Long-effect Skin-care Anti-aging Nutrition Milk.

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