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Dry Skin Natural Beauty Lotion


Dry skin would be caused by environmental issues, loss of proteins through aging, moisture loss, harsh chemicals, oxidative stress cause by free radicals and the list goes on.The common misconception of people is that dry skin is normal.

Lack of humidity causes the skin to be dry and coarse, deficient in luster and elasticity, and inadequate for giving a viewer the impression of transparency. Inevitably will come wrinkles and creases which, though minute, betoken the phenomenon of skin aging. It is absolutely necessary to supply “dynamic” humidity to the thirsty skin so that the circulation of life-giving water in it might go on.

Dry Skin Natural Beauty Lotion

The Skin-softening Beauty Lotion contains in rich amounts the essence of motherwort and the essence of the muscle- and-bone herb (ajuga decumbens). According to A New text on Medicinal Herbs, Wu Zetian, the only empress in the history of China, who ruled the country from 690 to 705, looked young and beautiful even when she was 80 years old because she had always washed her face and hands with a solution of processed motherwort powder.

Modern medicine has discovered that motherwort contains the trace chemical elements selenium and


manganese, which, besides resisting oxidation, can prevent aging, strengthen the activity of immunocytes, and make skin soft, white and lustrous. Moreover, the essence of motherwort, when mixed with honey, can not only hold moisture in skin but also heal some skin diseases that people are generally ashamed of showing to others. The essence of the muscle-and -bone herb, on its part, promotes the synthesis of collagen, which is a fibrous protein, quickens the energy needed for circulation of moisture inside the skin in an even amount and maintains that amount permanently undiminished.

Spraying a little Skin-softening Beauty Lotion on your face immediately after you have washed it with Skin-care Face Cleansing Milk will make you feel that not only is your skin further free of dirt, more full of moisture and increasingly resplendent with the joy of comfort but your whole appearance has also become much more charming and attractive with greater resilience of body and skin as if there is living water flowing in all your cells.

[Constituents] water, transparent acid, motherwort extract, muscle-and-bone herb extract, bee honey, glycerin, and polyethylene glycol (PEG-400)

[Method of application] First clean and massage the face and the neck with Skin-care Face Cleansing Milk, and then dip a little toilet cotton into the Beauty Lotion. Wipe the face and the neck lightly with the cotton suffused with the Beauty Dry Skin Lotion.

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