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Natural Organic Skin Care- Gold Foil Plant Essence

Natural Organic Skin Care- Gold Foil Plant Essence

Reducing the amount of chemicals we are exposed to is the first step in proper skincare. Natural and organic skin care products do not contain chemicals, but are made from the essence of herbs, roots and flowers. These all-natural ingredients are simply mixed with natural oils and water to produce excellent organic skin care products.

To compare feminine beauty to "fresh flowers" is rather meager for poetical associations, but ever since remote ancient times, females who aspired for good looks have dreamt of "transplanting" to themselves the beauty of fresh flowers. The Super-permeative Gold Foil Plant Essence is made according to beauty-culture prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine. The "beauty-contributing factors" in ginkgo, Chinese wolfberry, aloe and many other herbs are assembled by means of high-technology plant essence extraction and merged scientifically with a high-concentration extract of fish eggs so that the dream of "flower-like appearance" might become a reality. The expensive gold foil, used here as an added ingredient solely to enhance medical efficacy, makes it possible for the rich nourishment and the specific cosmetic constituents to permeate at high speed to the dermis layer and act upon it.

The aloe contains in great abundance the basic nourishment needed by an organism for keeping itself perpetually young: vitamins E, C, and A, and B complex, such mineral elements as potassium, zinc and selenium, and amino acids. As for the polysaccharides and phenolic compounds in it, they are almost what the aloe is specifically endowed with by nature for beatifying a female's appearance and protecting her skin. The aloe polysaccharides can regulate the immunological functions of the cells and the body fluids of an organism and vivify the Langhan's cells of the basic layer of the skin, so as to strengthen the immunological and self-repairing capability of any impaired locality of the skin, with remarkable therapeutic effect for acnes and freckles. The aloe polysaccharides can also clean the skin of pigments so that the skin will become white in color and fine in texture. Thanks to the aloe polysaccharides, resistance to skin damage caused by oxidation (and by ultraviolet light) will be strengthened, the skin will be close-grained and smooth, without even small creases on it. Eye-bags and patches of loose skin will be made nonexistent. And elasticity of the skin will be greatly increased.

The gingko progesterone and the trace elements manganese, molybdenum, etc. which the gingko leaf (not the edible fruit gingko) contains have the power to block the formation and deposition of pigments in the layer of skin called dermis, curb the growth of the dark pigment melanin, and thereby attain the aim of making the skin beautifully white and effecting the fading of color spots on it. The gingko progesterone also acts as the scavenger of free radicals. It can protect the cells of the dermis, improve blood circulation and prevent the skin from wrinkling as a result of oxidation of its cells.

The merger of plant essences with an extract of high concentration of fish eggs makes it possible for the rich nutrition in their effectively beautifying constituents to reach at high speed the dermis layer by virtue of the advanced infiltration technique of modern times and to act on the dermis layer in such a way as to increase the power of self-defense of the cells, with the result that dark spots on the skin begin to fade and wrinkles disappear. At the same time, through regulation of the endocrine processes and improvement of metabolism in the human body these substances slow down the aging process, raise the level of quality of the skin and invigorate the cells, thereby bringing back to the female her charm and beauty of younger days.

[Constituents] gingko leaf extract, Chinese wolfberry extract, aloe extract, high-concentration extract of fish eggs, glycerin, nipagin methylate, etc.

[Method of application] After applying the Skin-softening Beauty Lotion to the face, take a proper amount of this product by a fingertip and rub it softly on the face and the neck so as to enable it to be fully absorbed by the skin. The Super-permeative Gold Foil Plant Essence is to be applied prior to the Long-effect Anti-aging Nutrition Milk.

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