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Radiance Natural Anti Aging Eye Cream


Pressure of work and lack of sleep have made the eyes dry and lusterless, the rims dark and livid, the tiny wrinkles at the corners more and more

Natural Anti Aging Eye Cream

conspicuous, and the upper eyelids droopy. It is imperative to take better care of them.

Finding the best eye cream for wrinkles and aging signs can be tough, because many skin care products today contain chemicals and harmful additives that have been proven to cause anything from skin rashes to cancer if used for a prolonged period of time. Finding the best eye cream is all about finding something that is natural and proven effective.

Finding the best eye cream is all about finding something that is natural and proven effective. Qgs-Radiance Anti aging Eye Cream is an answer to

this call for an all-round solution to the aging problem of the eye periphery. It contains an extract of witch hazel, bearberry glycoside, the coenzyme Q10, Shark oil, VC magnesium salt-ester of phosphoric acid, etc., which, by acting directly on the layer of weblike dermis structure around the eyes and restoring to it resilience and elasticity, can eliminate swollen patches and livid rings around them. The extract of witch hazel is a good antioxidant. It facilitates lymph and blood circulation and, as it effectively promotes regeneration of the skin during the night, conduces particularly to the elimination of swollen eyes in the morning and disappearance of the eye-bags.



Bearberry glycoside is a natural active substance of green plant origin. It can infiltrate into the skin and block the formation of melanin, a dark pigment found in the skin, and through its own direct combination with complex amino acid enzymes accelerate its decomposition and excretion, thereby reducing pigment sedimentation in the skin and getting rid of color spots and freckles. Moreover, it is completely safe and has no toxic side effects at all on melanin cells.

The coenzyme Q10 in the Cream can supplement the coenzyme Q10 of the skin, which is the same as it. The natural coenzyme of the body acts in deep layers of the skin, resists oxidation, protects cells from being harmed by free radicals and keeps intact the skin structure. However, with the passage of time it will gradually decrease in amount with the result that the skin will lose its elasticity and become loose and slack. The coenzyme in the Cream can effectively strengthen from deep inside outward the functions of cells, promote the renovation of the skin surface by itself, reinforce the skin elasticity and fortify its natural construction.

Shark oil contains a kind of ethylene derivative which is very much like a kindred chemical compound in the human body. A young girl's skin is very smooth and richly elastic simply because her skin has an abundant supply of that kind of chemical compound which is akin to the shark oil ethylene derivative. The shark oil in the eye Cream, in coordination with the coenzyme Q10, can repair the layer of weblike dermis structure on the periphery of the eye and smooth the tiny wrinkles.

[Constituents] extract of witch hazel, bearberry glycoside, coenzyme Q10, shark oil, VC magnesium salt-ester of phosphoric acid, a potassium salt of licorice acid, collagen, 6-bond peptide, butylene-glycol, etc.

[Method of application] After applying the Skin-softening Beauty Lotion to the face, take up a proper amount of this Product by the middle finger and rub it softly around the eyes for it to be absorbed by the skin.


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