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Qgs Natural Anti Aging Nutrition Milk

Natural Anti Aging Nutrition Milk

Getting older is a natural process and the first noticeable difference is how the face reacts to age. To combat these effects many individuals are turning to anti aging skin treatments and the most common treatment used by many men and women are anti wrinkle creams to reduce the number of wrinkles to make us look younger.Many men and women believe that aging skin is unavoidable, but with the advanced technologies of today everyone has the ability to feel and look young.

How to make your skin seem very tender and smooth in people's eyes? How to remove the creases and wrinkles? And how to make your skin more resilient and pliable at the same time?

All this can be achieved by using Long-effect Anti aging Nutrition Milk, which contains a high-concentration extract of fish eggs (sturgeon roe), synthetic alkanes of spiny dogfish and the essence of ginseng. The extract of fish eggs is a rare anti-aging substance that enables the skin to resist the wear and tear of time with unparalleled efficacy because of the growth-stimulating power of the cells of deep-ocean creatures, fatigue- resisting agents, exceptional trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can tighten the skin and increase its elasticity.


The spiny dogfish alkanes are highly effective in moistening the skin and preserving its humidity. They can prevent the occurrence of creases and wrinkles on the skin and remove those that already exist. Moreover, their affinity to skin is remarkable. No trouble will occur as a result of allergy or irritation. They can additionally facilitate penetration into the skin of other active constituents of this cream, which will give your hand, when using the cream, a noble feeling of being comfortably moist, never oily and sticky. Modern medical science has demonstrated that ginseng does not only have antioxidant and anti-aging effects but also promotes the synthesis of proteins, RNA and DNA, postpones the aging of cells and prolongs the lifespan of cells.

Thanks to the many valuable constituents that make it up, the Long-effect Anti-aging Nutrition Milk endows the skin

with ample amounts of nutrition and collagen, promotes microcirculations among the cells of the face, speedily restores integrity to any impaired cellular membranes, resists the damage caused the skin by the “inexorable” passage of time, increases skin elasticity and tension, smooth out creases and wrinkles and forms a protective membrane on the skin surface to prevent moisture from being dissipated. The product gives a noble and nice feeling in your hand. Your countenance, being always soft and smooth as silk, white as milk, moist and lustrous, will inspire people with love and admiration.

[Constituents] extract of fish eggs, synthetic spiny dogfish alkanes, extract of ginseng, glycerin, polyethylene glycol PEG-400, cyclomethylsilicon oil, hydrocastor oil, etc.

[Method of application] After applying the Skin-softening Beauty Lotion to the face, take up a proper amount of this product by a finger and rub it softly on the face and the neck for it to be fully absorbed by the skin.

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